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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/13/17 10:05 PM
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(Hmmmmm. I have no idea what happened with that prior reply posted from a tablet... TMFers, you may wanna look at that.)

Duh... I skipped over Ryan cuz I've subconciously concluded he doesn't seem to want the
  • Date: 3/13/17 10:02 PM
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Duh...  I skipped over Ryan cuz I've subconciously concluded he doesn't seem to want the responsibility of being President.  He wants the power and likes to think about what he could do with that power in some areas but realizes he 

  • Date: 3/13/17 9:21 PM
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Of course, there are no good solutions here. If Trump falls, next in line is the religious fanatic, Mike Pence. If Pence falls, it would be Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Next in line? President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Orrin
  • Date: 3/6/17 12:15 AM
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The article seems to be attempting to outline the fuzzy overlap between facts and statistics and how ignorant and/or unscrupulous parties can attempt to use that cloudy boundary between the two to make a poorly structured or completely fabricated
  • Date: 2/14/17 10:48 PM
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Phone records and intercepted calls show that
  • Date: 1/31/17 9:35 PM
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Okay... Stop for a minute. In the new dark world we are entering, this is what's going to have to pass for hysterical irony. A nominee for Secretary of EDUCATION, in charge of operating functions overseeing the INTEGRITY of our public
  • Date: 1/28/17 10:03 PM
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The executive order issued by Trump imposing "extreme vetting" on a discriminatory basis against Muslims from a specific collection of countries isn't really surprising, given the low bar of logic already established with this
  • Date: 1/22/17 8:21 PM
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WuLong writes: These will be imperative during the coming 4 years.

Absolutely. In his own sociopathic way, Trump understands that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The public has to keep that thought in mind with EVERY
  • Date: 1/3/17 11:11 PM
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Support Your Local Emperor -- Blues Traveler

Music =
Lyrics = (Continued...)
  • Date: 12/5/16 11:37 PM
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The resulting battery is low power compared to a standard alkaline AA battery but it would last for a very long time. Given the half life of carbon 14, any battery made from it would take 5,730 years to reach 50%
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Take me back to where I was.
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