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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/27/15 8:19 PM
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I can't help but read the OP and see how easily "Hillary Clinton" could be replaced with "George W. Bush".

That's not a compliment to either.
  • Date: 7/27/15 8:14 PM
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Agreed, accountability and similar fate for all, not for some.

My problem with her is the spider web of details you have to sift through, for years, because she's "not quite honest".

I'm quite sure she's

  • Date: 7/27/15 8:10 PM
  • Number: 2010125
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I dunno, but the Huckster still draws a crowd....
  • Date: 7/27/15 11:31 AM
  • Number: 192069
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Thanks for mentioning this. I have a couple of old laptops and will use them to try out WIN10 -- hadn't thought of doing that before.
  • Date: 7/27/15 11:00 AM
  • Number: 2010063
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I swear, that Huckster is nuttier than squirrel poop.
  • Date: 7/27/15 10:10 AM
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all you’ve done is put a burden on the business

When taxes/fees go up, we inevitably have someone post that the net effect to the business is zero as the costs are just passed on to the customer.
  • Date: 7/26/15 1:49 PM
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I'm waiting for the gilded Trump podium
  • Date: 7/26/15 1:40 PM
  • Number: 2009984
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Cruz is a blessing for Americans who continue to desire freedom from government intrusion in their lives.

Not hardly!

Wants to tell women what birth control options they can use and when

Wants more federal money
  • Date: 7/26/15 1:02 PM
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Wait until he says something about Perry & Texas!
  • Date: 7/25/15 12:49 PM
  • Number: 455155
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If the measure of success is total prevention then there's really no practical solution, but if instead we focus on the *practical* then steps can be taken to *reduce* the occurrences.

The problem with respect to guns is that while
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Take me back to where I was.
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