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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/31/14 6:05 PM
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Reminds me of a whole political party.

The Republican Party has become the party of liars. I'm referring to the leaders, not the rank-and-file voter who simply is deceived.

They lie about Obama's citizenship. His mother
  • Date: 9/29/13 2:04 AM
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He sent me this email (I can only assume proudly):

Today, Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) released the following statement regarding his vote on H.J. Res. 59, the Continuing Resolution for FY2014:
“Tonight, House Republicans passed
  • Date: 10/18/12 1:08 PM
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Not just during the debate. And not just the challenger. The entire GOP has had zero respect since day-one. They stated publicly when Obama became POTUS that their focus for the next four years was going to be to make him a one-term president.
  • Date: 11/6/11 3:58 PM
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  • Date: 9/5/11 1:45 PM
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if they ARE demons it even really 'demonizing'?

or is it just calling an evil-doer, an 'evil-doer'?

That's basically what I said. Sometimes it's an accurate (negative) description.

Most here know this, but DrB
  • Date: 4/3/14 5:03 PM
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...and while he blew a few things while in office,...

Sometimes I wonder about that.

He was right to try to get us moving towards the metric system (which Reagan stopped).

He was right to put up solar panels on
  • Date: 11/15/16 12:29 PM
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I really have a problem with people trying to minimize the racist influence in this election. No, it wasn't the only factor. But it was a significant factor. And it has made racism "OK" in a twisted sort of way. The bigots are
  • Date: 11/1/13 12:18 PM
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One you will likely not hear (except here) because the horror is that it actually helped someone!!

  • Date: 7/3/13 11:18 AM
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Forty-one percent of the businesses surveyed have frozen hiring because of the health-care law known as Obamacare. And almost one-fifth—19 percent— answered “yes” when asked if they had “reduced the number of employees you have in your business
  • Date: 9/29/12 12:47 PM
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What steam? It's not steam, it's just common sense questions.

Common sense? That's your idea of common sense? "Do you adore Islam as Obama does?" Please.

The man is a devout Christian. Arguably more devout than
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Take me back to where I was.
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