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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/19/18 3:16 PM
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Have you tried opening the Word files using Open Office? It’s free and I think I remember reading that it would (maybe) access Wotd documents? Might be worth a try.
  • Date: 4/18/18 3:23 PM
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More from my favorite satirist, Andy Borowitz:


(The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “regrettable accident,” Amazon apologized on Thursday for shipping ten thousand advance copies of James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty,” to
  • Date: 4/18/18 11:18 AM
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Me too - same issue past 2 days- message is “waiting for the fool “
  • Date: 4/17/18 9:42 PM
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I'm angry, livid really. I just read a post on CNN in regards to the Starbucks incident.In a letter to the editor this woman writes that being white has never gotten her a better job, more privileges, more money etc...etc..

Lady, I
  • Date: 4/16/18 9:31 PM
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Is there no end to the evasion, corruption, lying and subterfuge of this administration and its cohorts?

Hannity is defending Cohen on his show every night from a News platform that is claims to be fair and balanced. LOL. Without
  • Date: 4/15/18 2:51 PM
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Shared experience, shared heritage. Will never forget passing development in Tuxedo Park, NY and my dad showing us we couldn’t look for a house there. The signage at the front gate read: “No Jews, dogs or n’ggers”
I was so young but
  • Date: 4/14/18 8:15 PM
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Fred Guttenberg
9 hrs · Parkland, FL ·

My amazing wife who has been relatively quiet wrote this post below and I had to share it. For anyone who disagrees with anything that she says, no need to unfriend me but please private
  • Date: 4/13/18 9:17 PM
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BRitain, France and us against chemical weapons facilities in far will we go? More info from Pentagon at 10 p.m.tonight.
  • Date: 4/11/18 9:28 PM
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"To those who say that “If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes President who’s just as bad or worse,” consider this:

Trump was ill-prepared for the Presidency and has done little or nothing to improve on that since taking office. He has
  • Date: 4/10/18 7:53 PM
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Judge Curiel's order finalizing the $25 million Trump University settlement means that victims of Donald Trump's fraudulent university will finally receive the relief they deserve," he said in a statement, adding that the amount
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Take me back to where I was.
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