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  • Date: 4/23/15 6:37 PM
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Hereís a short post of the type I have threatened:

I have never been a big fan of hotel REITs, as this category lacks the protection of long-term leases, and results can be cyclical and affected by new developments that have not been as
  • Date: 4/22/15 6:20 PM
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A good friend of mine (who posts here) sent me an email late yesterday, asking me to take a look at the posts on our Board on this thread.

Well, my friends, I am pretty much at a loss for words - which doesn't happen to me very often. And,
  • Date: 4/19/15 8:51 PM
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BMR is a solid REIT. They own and lease space to life science companies, primarly pharma and biotech. This is a very good property sector, and is less economically-sensitive than most. Owners do, however, need to exercise care in tenant choice.
  • Date: 4/19/15 8:35 PM
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Here's a post I did for Block Party early last month.


Last week one of the many crazoid radical Islamic terrorist groups (itís hard to keep track of them all Ė and who wants to?) made headlines by urging followers to
  • Date: 4/19/15 8:28 PM
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I'm not sure how long I've been posting here - perhaps over 10 years. I've very much enjoyed doing this, and probably learned almost as much when I am posting as when I read others' posts. But it does take time, and I find I have less and less of
  • Date: 3/22/15 8:33 PM
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I found it odd that there has been no thread here regarding SPG's hostile offer to buy MAC - this would be one of the biggest M&A deals in quite some time. Is this because:
  • Date: 3/22/15 8:20 PM
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PSA common and PSA pfds have different risk profiles, so it's really hard to compare them. As said here by others, the principal risk with the pfds is that long-term bond yields rise, causing the pfds to decline to well below par value - and they
  • Date: 3/8/15 10:17 PM
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Seems like reasoning on stilts to me, all starting with one month's employment rates, a single point of data that may be revised. Maybe the better explanation is simply: the herd stampeded south this morning.

Great post, gtw999. I
  • Date: 3/1/15 6:56 PM
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Here's another Block Party post I did for SNL, which was posted about a month ago. It may be of interest to some of you. My timing wasn't very good, as I believe REIT stocks grossly underperformed in February. But I still stubbornly believe in
  • Date: 3/1/15 6:48 PM
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Most of the quality REIT pfds that I track have YTFCs in the neighborhood of the low 4% to the mid-5% range. That may - or may not - be acceptable to many investors, but it's lower than the 6-7% that we have been accustomed to in recent years.
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