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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/15/15 7:36 PM
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I’ve been on vacation (and still am), and other things as well have kept me from our Board. A poster here asked about my opinion on Care Capital Properties (CCP), the new VTR spin-off that will begin trading “regular way” on Monday or Tuesday. I
  • Date: 7/17/15 11:32 AM
  • Number: 78609
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Hey, guys...I haven't been around for a few weeks, and wanted to make a contribution. I wrote the following to share a new REIT idea with you. New REITs are often problematical, but this one now has a 2-year track record - and they've done pretty
  • Date: 6/29/15 6:22 PM
  • Number: 78553
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Should I buy now or wait until she actually begins torquing it up?

I cannot, of course, answer that question. We all know that timing the market, short-term, is a game that few, if any, can win on a consistent basis. All we know is
  • Date: 6/29/15 11:06 AM
  • Number: 78549
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I have not been able to post here for several weeks, due to a combination of a minor health issue, a great deal of volunteer work, and the anguish of having to send our eldest Golden Retriever, Riley, over that "Rainbow Bridge" (but he did
  • Date: 5/31/15 6:50 PM
  • Number: 78426
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This was posted about a month ago on SNL, for those who might possibly be interested.

The healthcare sector of the REIT industry, consisting primarily of seniors’ housing, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), medical office buildings
  • Date: 5/31/15 6:43 PM
  • Number: 78425
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If you want a REAL dividend increase, look at what Extra Space (EXR) did last week: They bumped the dividend by 25.5%. The stock has done really well, as this is a very well-managed REIT and owns properties in the rapidly-growing self-storage
  • Date: 5/31/15 6:32 PM
  • Number: 78424
  • Recommendations: 30
I'm not front running the Fed but I think we can agree that the entire tenor of this board and REITs in general is it's a bad time to buy. Interest rates are going to go up, properties are expensive and so are REITs. I'm searching for good
  • Date: 5/31/15 6:01 PM
  • Number: 78423
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Is it your understanding that only the real estate assets should count on the NAV/share and the market value of the NOI isn't part of that calculation?

Yes, real estate NOI is built into the NAV estimate, so adding them together
  • Date: 5/17/15 6:39 PM
  • Number: 78380
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I still don't get it. If total assets are $10.5 billion and liabilities are $4 billion, the net assets would be $6.5 billion; divided by 71MM shares outstanding is $91.50 per share. Green St's figure is modestly in excess of that, as they value
  • Date: 5/17/15 6:25 PM
  • Number: 78379
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MonsterFluff, I am puzzled by one thing in your calculation: NAV is calculated on the basis of market value of assets net of debt, divided by the shares outstanding. You have "assets net of debt" of $3.407 billion. If there are 71.2MM
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Take me back to where I was.
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