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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/19/15 4:53 PM
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That is freakin' cool.

Thanks for sharing!!

  • Date: 11/19/15 1:30 PM
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*kale on the other hand ... just no.


I love cabbage, but it does NOT love me.

  • Date: 11/17/15 12:32 PM
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How old is he again? We have a young lady in our office who behaves similarly with the wandering, chatting and not accomplishing her work. She is very unprofessional and has told me that she wasn't to be "bothered" while I was trying to
  • Date: 11/13/15 3:59 PM
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Addendum - Things That Are Hard For Me

1) Allow work to go undone.

He's had a task on his plate (a time-sensitive task) since 2pm, and hasn't started it.

He has wandered away from his desk twice, and also tried to tell me
  • Date: 11/11/15 9:43 AM
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Met with Coworker; as New Coworker's supervisor he'll take that part from here.

I went back over my time study notes - I've actually been keeping them since September (for some reason in my mind it was October), so once I am done with this
  • Date: 11/9/15 10:12 AM
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Thank you all.

The consensus seems to be to keep documenting and plugging along.

I wasn't clear in my first post about how he was trying to take credit - I was finding out after the fact that New Coworker had either told someone he
  • Date: 11/9/15 9:43 AM
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I have decided the next time I move, I'm just gonna burn all this chit and buy new chit when I get where I'm going.

Is that an option?

WallyLock's In-Laws moved a long way a couplefew years ago; Wally, anything more helpful than
  • Date: 11/6/15 6:01 PM
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So Iím struggling a bit.

I have been trying My Very Hardest to give New Coworker the benefit of the doubt. Yes, same one Iíve bitched about before.

In the last month:
1) He tried to take credit with an Executive for some work
  • Date: 11/3/15 9:50 AM
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Parade day. Their father is taking them, otherwise they would be spending the day with my mother.

The school systems basically decided with so many kids likely being gone, it wouldn't be cost effective to have the doors open. So they sent
  • Date: 11/3/15 9:43 AM
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I just need to find a good hobby, and maybe a class to take and a travel buddy.

While I'm sure those things would be a salve, please don't put pressure on yourself. Take your time, dear heart.

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Take me back to where I was.
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