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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/22/17 2:22 AM
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At his campaign rally in Iowa, President Trump announced his brilliant idea to add solar panels to THE WALL. Then it would "make energy" and the Mexicans would pay less.

Where do I begin? panels do not MAKE
  • Date: 6/22/17 1:51 AM
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Grumpy wrote:

That is an awful lot of words....

Good point!

For you slow readers, how's this?

And why should he? Being POTUS is the deal of a lifetime. Think of all the money being funneled into the
  • Date: 6/21/17 12:48 PM
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There has been a lot of talk about unhappy he is, but I find it hard to imagine how somebody like him would ever resign.

And why should he? Being POTUS is the deal of a lifetime. Think of all the money being funneled into the Trump Empire.
  • Date: 6/16/17 11:28 PM
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Recently there was a big brouhaha with RECF and some people were banned. The cheating seemed to stop. Rec totals on Best of were down to single digits on the bottom half at least. Posts from investing boards dominated or nearly dominated the Best
  • Date: 6/15/17 4:42 PM
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Further, when did Trump say that like 2 years ago? I don't think he was even a candidate then. Could you at least have given an example from wen he was president elect? Total fail.

You might want to do a little research before
  • Date: 6/15/17 10:44 AM
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He only went 'insane' when the liberal media kept pushing, pushing pushing for violence. With the media showing bloody chopped off heads....with the media glorifying the assignation of Trump in the play in NYC.

Please...this is

  • Date: 6/14/17 10:30 PM
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Really? Name one? Do you have evidence?

I think that Trump's biggest atrocity is to say the most ridiculous things (lies, falsehoods...take your pick).

The list is very long. But one of my favorites was when he said he
  • Date: 6/14/17 10:15 PM
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But all I see are complaints that posts some Fools think are undeserving are receiving lots of Recs.

That's a shame. I, and others, have taken the time to point out what we see as obvious cheating.

But my solution
  • Date: 6/14/17 8:21 PM
  • Number: 91220
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Who notes the Best Of list is not itself a discussion board...

No...of course it's not. But it is a useful too that has unfortunately been damaged by cheaters.

Lindytoes was correct....yesterday was a
  • Date: 6/14/17 7:57 PM
  • Number: 2161474
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I suspect this poster had no issue with Holder's or Clinton's testimonies littered with I cannot recall, or I cannot answer."

Ahhh....the usual diversion. When confronted with one of President Trump's atrocities,
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Take me back to where I was.
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