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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/17/18 12:05 PM
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Later today, I plan to send a copy of my post to my Congresswoman.

I think that we should all put pressure on our elected officials to stop this madness.
And above all, remind them that November is around the corner.
  • Date: 7/17/18 12:03 PM
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The left continues to say this but seems to be unable to list one legitimate power he has abused.

Does doing everything but having sex with Vladimir Putin count?

Wake up.
  • Date: 7/17/18 11:16 AM
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because he can!

Read my post below.
  • Date: 7/17/18 11:15 AM
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...our system of government appears to be worse.

Trump has abused the powers of the presidency, acted like a fool, stomped on our traditions, and probably, with his family and associates,
violated many laws.

And what is
  • Date: 7/16/18 10:18 PM
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I understand that it is unlikely that President Trump will attend. I think that's a wise decision.....there could be some ugly protests.

I think it would be wonderful if, before the National Anthem, they had a moment of silence and
  • Date: 7/16/18 1:38 AM
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1 p.m. - 2 p.m.: Trump allowed, in a carefully choreographed performance, to speak to the press about improved relations with Russia and about all of the things he accomplished in Helsinki.

The falsehood of those accomplishments will

  • Date: 7/15/18 10:42 PM
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“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has either indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 32 people and three companies — that we know of. That group is composed of four former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one
  • Date: 7/15/18 10:37 PM
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My sincere apologies!

Clearly Mr Trump was concerned about the relationship between Mr Putin and the Trump Organization.

  • Date: 7/15/18 8:18 PM
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I only heard a short sound byte by Trump today, but he was complaining
(I guess about the Mueller investigation) hurting "our relationship with Russia"

I didn't know we HAD a relationship. The one with the sanctions? With
  • Date: 7/15/18 8:13 PM
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This happened years ago now... ????????????

And by all accounts, it is STILL happening!

we can just say that out loud so they make no mistake. Then we can go meet

Yeah, right! I'm sure that Putin cares
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Take me back to where I was.
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