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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/16/14 12:07 AM
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To the insurance adjuster who helped to get my homeowner's claim denied.

I actually feel a little sorry for you. How do you LIVE with yourself???
You looked at the damage from the leaky pipe in my crawl space and decided that it
  • Date: 5/26/14 12:57 PM
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I just bought a new phone and switched carriers, when I walked in they "assigned" a sales rep to me. When he came over I told him exactly the phone I wanted and exactly what I wanted it to do. Further I told him that any attempt to
  • Date: 5/26/14 12:43 PM
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Hello all. I've been busy with other things, and have not been paying too much attention to the topic of Climate Change.

Then I came across this article:

  • Date: 5/24/14 11:21 PM
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to the young lady who tried to sell me a new cell phone today.

I started getting suspicious right after I walked into the busy outlet
of a leading carrier. The manager came over and started to help me
while she was directing traffic
  • Date: 5/23/14 1:19 AM
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jaagu wrote:

More people die from indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution.

I do not doubt that.

But is that also the case in developing regions such as the ones cited in the report? It would seem that
  • Date: 5/22/14 12:00 AM
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The World Health Organization today released mortality data from 2012 estimating that around 7 million people (one person in eight) died globally that year as a result of air pollution exposure. This finding more than doubles previous estimates
  • Date: 5/21/14 8:46 PM
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I'm having a lot of trouble reading this (very long) thread:

About half
  • Date: 5/20/14 1:30 AM
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Thank you for posting that, Bill. I thought it was a great article. Probably because I ignored the political part, and I couldn't care less who gives the commencement address (as long as it's short).

One of the things not mentioned is that
  • Date: 5/19/14 11:58 PM
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There is an interesting companion article:

Many of the new options being explored function by impairing or manipulating a mosquito’s sense of smell.

<snip> The patch, which is not yet on the market because it still has to

  • Date: 5/19/14 11:45 PM
  • Number: 451343
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The easy meds have been found long ago.

Reminds me of a corny old joke.

One night a passerby sees a drunk looking for something under a streetlight.

PB: "What did you lose?"

D: "My
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Take me back to where I was.
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