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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/12/16 11:19 PM
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Michael Bloomberg.

In a different world I would agree with you. But Bloomberg is too much of a centrist, and would likely take more votes away from a Democrat than any of the Republicans running, almost insuring a Republican
  • Date: 2/12/16 9:22 PM
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2014 exports to China $120B
2014 USA GDP $17,400B

Fraction is 0.69%. I would say that is a tiny fraction. Fact.

Thanks for that. Now take it a step further. Some of what China imports is stuff they "value add"
  • Date: 2/12/16 8:45 PM
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Bernie Sanders, Jewish but not particularly orthodox, speaks of equality, peace, justice, humility and fraternity, while Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and even hard to believe Donald Trump proclaim their Christian faith at almost
  • Date: 2/12/16 6:20 PM
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Yes, those insurance companies are suffering.

Several million previously uninsured Americans now have coverage because of Obamacare, but it could be argued that the people who have benefited most from the law -- at least
  • Date: 2/12/16 1:56 PM
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Seriously, it's pretty clear that the DNC set everything up to more-or-less favor Clinton. People have been talking about this for months.

Yes, and thanks to ignorant chatter like yours, it's just as ignorant today as it was
  • Date: 2/12/16 11:31 AM
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I've never done one of those; I've done dishwashers, washing machines, and replaced some rheostats on my stove, but never a glass top.

So I don't know, but...

1) Take a picture of the carcass at a few points along the way, because
  • Date: 2/12/16 7:40 AM
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I have no doubt this is true. I also have no doubt that it doesn't matter - except when it does.

China buys almost nothing from us. It's a tiny fraction of our GDP; it's an even tinier fraction of *their* GDP. But wait! Much of what they
  • Date: 2/11/16 8:19 PM
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Was I more liberal than this Wellstone guy?

Apparently. But, just so you know, Wellstone was famously one of the most liberal members of the Senate during the entirety of his career.

Paul Wellstone, 58, Icon of Liberalism
  • Date: 2/11/16 6:58 PM
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Don't you think it's at least a little bit ironic for a party that still complains about Gore losing the 2000 election even though he won a majority of the popular vote to be rigging the primary elections for Clinton?

Nobody is
  • Date: 2/11/16 6:06 PM
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I explained it. I didn't justify it.
Out of curiosity, how old are you?

Albright did Hillary no favors with the comment, but I know where she was coming from.

My mother often lamented that her career choices were:
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Take me back to where I was.
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