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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/23/17 8:03 PM
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I was trying to locate and couldn't. Not spot checking you, but would like to review the site. Link?

CloudHarmony, not "CloudSource".

  • Date: 8/23/17 9:52 AM
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We must stop glorifying intelligence and treating our society as a playground for the smart minority. We should instead begin shaping our economy, our schools, even our culture with an eye to the abilities and needs of the majority, and to
  • Date: 8/23/17 7:37 AM
  • Number: 1939
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But spin up extra Azure servers if AWS develops a problem? ... Play them against each other and avoid being tied to one

According to CloudSource, AWS reliability last year was 99.9974 percent. To have another vendor standing by
  • Date: 8/22/17 5:14 PM
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I thought the subject was the Middle East.

Well, sorta. The original post referenced Vietnam (as does the thread title), Libya, and even a glancing blow at the Marshall Plan. The same poster then brought up Syria, Venezuela, and
  • Date: 8/22/17 5:03 PM
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With this shiny new policy announced yesterday, I wonder why we don't just build a wall around Afghanistan...

...and have Mexico pay for it?
  • Date: 8/22/17 1:14 PM
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Excepting college, and a temp extended work assignment in Wash DC (paid for by my employer,) I have lived in the same neighborhood for approaching 50 years and been very happy the entire time. A great place to grow up, and a great place to raise
  • Date: 8/22/17 1:02 PM
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An entire class of jobs, not just an industry, is going bye-bye. Manual labor. Muscle jobs. Unskilled jobs. What are those folks going to do, become doctors? I don't think so.

I have written before that I was in Pittsburgh in
  • Date: 8/22/17 12:50 PM
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Sorry, but this doesn't scan.

In 2006, the US GDP was 13.5 trillion . Today it's around 19.2 trillion.

The big
  • Date: 8/22/17 12:11 PM
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A couple of random thoughts:

Back in the Stone Age of cable TV, Disney decided to have a channel, and co-ventured with Group W (Westinghouse) as the clearance and advertising arm (Disney did not yet own ABC.) They shortly decided they
  • Date: 8/22/17 8:58 AM
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OK, I have read enough stories of people whose pictures at Charlotte have gone viral, and whose employers have been horrified enough to fire them, whose schools have expelled them, or whose friends have suddenly decided to shun them. It would seem
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Take me back to where I was.
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