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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/24/14 1:29 AM
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Here's the "Tank Man" talking about his encounter.

video (long)
  • Date: 9/24/14 1:26 AM
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There is no way an armed citizenry, regardless of what it's armed with and even how big its numerical superiority is, could stand up to the US military.

Wanna bet? If this guy could do it, armed Americans can (and will) do
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:51 PM
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I don't understand Facebook at all. I constantly get "pokes" and other weird requests. When I do go to my Facebook account to see what's up, there are a bunch of people I don't even know talking to each other.

Also, someone
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:48 PM
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Actually, mob, I'm intimidated by the prospect of engaging him, so I doubt we'll get into politics or religion at Thanksgiving dinner. After all, he's my only child and there will be grandchildren. I'd kill myself if I got shut out of that. All I
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:42 PM
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And by the way, you can't be at war and have open borders.

I read somewhere that when Congress declares war, our nation's borders MUST be secured--which is why Baracky isn't going to ask Congress to declare war. He wants the
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:40 PM
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And five minutes later you can't remember what you were saying, right?

Not even minutes…seconds! The other night, I had a Q&A with myself but can't remember what the topic was. My ex found the phenomenon quite amusing at times.
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:37 PM
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Yeah, he auditioned for a spot on a cooking reality show. I don't think the show ever came to fruition.
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:14 PM
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CC, don't worry, your son will probably become conservative when he hits his 40's or 50's.

*sigh* I hope so, but his FIL is nearly a communist, and my son thinks highly of him.
  • Date: 9/23/14 10:05 PM
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Sometimes I try to call out during an episode, but at best I'm just slurring words as if I'd just had a stroke or something.

I frequently talk in my sleep. Sometimes I'm so loud (and eloquent, I might add) that I wake myself up.
  • Date: 9/23/14 9:58 PM
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Love it! Thanks for digging that up. I need it in November when I visit my son.
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Take me back to where I was.
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