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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/21/14 5:43 PM
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You "hear" a lot of things, tele. Most of them, as you relate them, turn out to be factually incorrect.


Now that's a fact.

  • Date: 12/21/14 5:42 PM
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Giants and Rams.
Big fights.
Punches thrown.
Players ejected.
And it's just the end of the first half.

I wonder how many players will be left on the field by the end of the game. This game is way more fun than the Cowboys.
  • Date: 12/21/14 4:49 PM
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No matter where you live it's going to cost you.
If they don't get it in income taxes, they will get it in property taxes and/or sales taxes - but they WILL get it.

So you might just as well find some place you like and just live
  • Date: 12/21/14 11:45 AM
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First car I ever owned outright - that was all mine - was a 1967 VW Beetle. White.

When I met AngelSpouse, he had a 1968 Karmann Ghia. White.

It was love at first sight. :)

Then, later, his Ghia was totaled by some
  • Date: 12/21/14 10:07 AM
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What about Rationalist? As opposed to Superstitionist (a.k.a. Religionist)



  • Date: 12/21/14 10:04 AM
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Damn, does this team live on the edge or what? Down 28-7, yet still come back to win. Amazing. I was going to turn it off at 28-7. I'm glad I didn't.


I did.....sort of.
At halftime I went off to read a
  • Date: 12/20/14 10:30 PM
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Oh dear....
Please tell LW how sorry we are to hear this.
I know, for real, how it feels to have hits that just keep coming.
Wish I could say or do something that would help.
Anyway, give her some hugs.

  • Date: 12/20/14 6:21 PM
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But really I think the problem is Kaepernick. Excellent arm and running ability, but he's only ever been a one read guy, and even then he telegraphs his passes. NFL defenses have pretty much taken away the read-option, so SF has tried to re-make him
  • Date: 12/20/14 5:18 PM
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But I do like him.
Have no idea what happened to the 49ers this year.
For sure something went wrong.

  • Date: 12/20/14 5:09 PM
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Because he is a better coach


I seriously doubt that.

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Take me back to where I was.
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