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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/2/04 12:15 PM
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I get to the polling place and 2 people were in front of me. I finally get up to the desk and this 80 year old stared me down and said "I see you are wearing a Chicago Bears sweatshirt, i guess it's safe to wear it this week". Of course
  • Date: 10/27/16 9:51 AM
  • Number: 847364
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  • Date: 10/19/16 1:06 PM
  • Number: 846463
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Victor Davis Hanson lives on a small family farm in rural California, at the sharp end of the
  • Date: 10/19/16 7:36 PM
  • Number: 846508
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Back in September we wrote about the circumstances leading up to the "Oh Sh*t" moment when Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks deleted Hillary's 30,000 "personal emails" (the full notes is here: "The "Oh
  • Date: 3/22/12 11:44 AM
  • Number: 613232
  • Recommendations: 70
They FA'd the Steyn because it was too accurate, please consider reccing this repost so the terrorists don't think they've won:

  • Date: 9/4/13 5:21 PM
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DAVID GREGORY: So you heard the Secretary of State break news this morning that the evidence, the intelligence suggests now this was a Sarin gas attack at the hands of the Assad government. The secretary saying as he just did the case is building
  • Date: 10/26/16 12:06 PM
  • Number: 847265
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Liberals are suddenly concerned about doppels and fake recs?

  • Date: 12/8/03 9:52 PM
  • Number: 138250
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2828's Powerpoint presentation:

1)Save you're f***ing cash, you don't need a friggin cat door that checks to see if your cat's gotta friend with him.

2)You don't need a 4 wheel drive Land Rover to go to Walmart you idiot.

  • Date: 10/21/16 10:30 AM
  • Number: 846719
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  • Date: 10/13/16 4:58 PM
  • Number: 845824
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Oh, liberals must've FA'd your previous post. They're all for "Sarah Palin is a ****" t-shirts, but if you abbreviate something and use it to describe one of their saviors they will look for any reason to delete it. Kind of
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Take me back to where I was.
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