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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 5/21/17 1:05 PM
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I recently contacted my House Representative about the AHCA, a few days before the bill was passed in the House (he voted for it.)

This week, he responded back. I'm curious what the bright minds here think of his
  • Date: 5/20/17 2:52 PM
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I have played Jussi Björling & Robert Merrill singing the Pearl Fisher's duet

That was lovely. I recognize snatches of it, but I can't place where. Maybe from a movie, perhaps.
  • Date: 5/5/17 4:53 PM
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If you don't want to own an autonomous car, then don't. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who don't want to wait for a car to arrive to take them home.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. I'm seeing
  • Date: 4/30/17 2:29 PM
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Loan May 2017 Apr. 2017
Student Loan 1 (6.41%) $17,164 $17,164
Car Loan (4.45%) 7,020 7,208
Student Loan 2

  • Date: 4/29/17 10:11 PM
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I asked a question -- if you can answer the question kindly answer it, if not why bother with a reply?

Again the question is why tip people you don't have / not expected to tip?

Because when at my funeral, I would
  • Date: 4/26/17 2:31 PM
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Are there any black billionaires in the US?

Oprah Winfrey, Robert Smith, and Michael Jordan.

  • Date: 4/20/17 2:11 PM
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StockGoddess: How, pray tell, did OBAMA put coal out of business?"

  • Date: 4/19/17 9:59 PM
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The US is one of three countries that don't use the metric system.

How is it that we buy milk by the gallon but soda by the liter? It seems if we can collectively use metric for one product, we can do it for others.
  • Date: 4/18/17 8:57 AM
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1pg: As I recall NASA lost a Mars probe several years ago because one of the engineers used English units instead of metric when he did his calcs, but everyone else was using metric and assumed he had also. I believe the retro-rockets fired too
  • Date: 4/11/17 1:40 PM
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Thanks, Tony. But I've done all that more than once. No change, sadly.
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Take me back to where I was.
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