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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/18/17 10:28 AM
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AceInMySleeve: i.e. "Daddy, how are we ever gonna get to Disneyland if we're gonna spend time stopped at this gas station?"

Or, "Look at all the college debt this computer engineering student is racking up. No way
  • Date: 10/18/17 8:04 AM
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Interesting analysis on the rise of "muscular Christianity" in the late 1800's, as detailed by Paul Putz, studying history at Baylor.

  • Date: 10/17/17 12:26 PM
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alstromeira turned me on to this NYT article. The subject is the complex civic wheels of activity that kicks in when a person dies alone.

  • Date: 10/15/17 5:43 PM
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My House Representative sent his constituents an InstaPoll:

This week, President Trump decertified President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and called for a new strategy that would demand "that Iran's government end its
  • Date: 10/12/17 11:32 PM
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Bought LMT some years ago. Current yield on cost: 6.6%.
  • Date: 9/27/17 4:29 PM
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Mark went to his dentist because a molar was killing him.

"That's going to have to be extracted, I'm afraid," said the dentist.

Mark said, "Go easy on me, please. I have a very low tolerance for
  • Date: 9/26/17 10:05 PM
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NASA provides a page that lets you enter a city and find out when the ISS will be overhead. You can also sign up for e-mail or text alerts to let you know with
  • Date: 9/25/17 7:49 PM
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Rayvt: Always google "problem with {whatever}". Try it.

You're right.

Google "Problem with Investing with index funds."

On the first page...

"Vanguard, Trian,
  • Date: 9/22/17 9:54 AM
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CNC: "If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it"

Who said it? Mark Twain? Kurt Tucholsky?

No identifiable source.

  • Date: 9/21/17 10:17 AM
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If we like them, they’re freedom fighters. If we don’t like them, they’re terrorists. In the unlikely case we can’t make up our minds, they’re temporarily only guerrillas.

--Carl Sagan, Contact
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Take me back to where I was.
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