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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/2/15 9:29 AM
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Yes! Swinging not sliding doors. Every shed I've seen with sliding doors failed in a short period of time.

Well, I hate to be disagreeable, but I built a small shed for lawn supplies with swinging doors. Unfortunately, the ground
  • Date: 6/1/15 10:45 AM
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hmaletter writes: 3. I do not hold strong position ons school prayer. If the school is OK with it fine. I do not think government should be involved in banning it, or being anywhere near the debate.

  • Date: 5/27/15 9:56 AM
  • Number: 63564
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"Films used to be about challenging, emotional journeys or moral questions that might make you walk away and re-evaluate how you felt about... whatever."

Selective Bias. Some films used to be challenging. Most were
  • Date: 5/27/15 9:27 AM
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We're going to pull all if it out and go back to cleaning gutters.

Is it too expensive/time-consuming just to replace the GutterStuff every four years? Especially when compared with cleaning gutters every year?
  • Date: 5/26/15 12:51 PM
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bdhinton: The decline in Christianity was mainly among the Catholics and mainline Protestants, the groups MOST likely to accept evolution and see no conflict between science and faith.

You could be right. So the groups of believers
  • Date: 5/26/15 9:15 AM
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One of the most durable myths in recent history is that the
  • Date: 5/21/15 10:35 AM
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telegraph: I suspect 80% would think that Hillary's head on a biker babe would be a member of either gang too.

Have you seen an un retouched photo of her lately? She's really ugly.

Spoken like a true Texas
  • Date: 5/20/15 5:07 PM
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telegraph writes: You can thank Obama's border runners for the death by Tuberculosis in TX

Without it, nationwide, there would be near zero cases. Instead, with illegals flooding in, none health checked, we got massive
  • Date: 5/19/15 9:58 AM
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"Twin Peaks" I believe is a metaphor for large breasts? I doubt it is a place I would be liable to hang out. I don't drink alcohol and more than likely there are other restaurants where the food would be more to my liking?
  • Date: 5/18/15 5:09 PM
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Art53: If I go to places where evil is liable to happen why should I be surprised when it does?

I don't want to put words in your mouth here, but are you suggesting that at this "Twin Peaks" restaurant in Texas on this

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Take me back to where I was.
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