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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/23/16 11:24 PM
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Many, many people: Doesn't anyone in Hollywood have any original ideas anymore!?!?!

Well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed Woody Allen's latest, Cafe Society. Woody Allen's movies are hit-and-miss for me, but I was charmed by
  • Date: 7/20/16 10:57 AM
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I took it to mean:

"Some people are upset that their subscription is increasing, not realizing that the increase was overdue by two years."

Could be wrong.
  • Date: 7/19/16 11:48 AM
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(NOT selling)

My favorite brand of ice cream is on sale this week. Is that because it's become poisonous?
  • Date: 7/14/16 12:30 AM
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I liked it a lot mostly because of what she said:

P.S. I find the above review to be about 100% accurate.

That was one funny review.
  • Date: 7/14/16 12:15 AM
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Saw the re-release of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1987 with my wife while on our first date.

But the RT gives it a 98% fresh.
  • Date: 7/13/16 4:43 PM
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SP: I retired in 2007, and took a moderate pounding in 2008 (notably on Washington Mutual stock).

From 2007 to the present, my net worth has INCREASED by $500,000.

Thanks, Obama!
  • Date: 7/13/16 11:27 AM
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Ditto on hating debt. Makes me feel like someone else OWNS me. Currently zero debt.

I can't understand those people who complain how hard it is to pay off debt.

Why I've been doing exactly that for twenty-five years.
  • Date: 7/13/16 9:31 AM
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"I want to tell you about a different Trump icon.

Carl Icahn.

  • Date: 7/12/16 11:23 AM
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bdhinton: Yes, I believe the adults or those of a morally responsible age were being punished for moral crimes.

Was Sacrificial Atonement not possible at that time? Or had Jehovah not thought of that solution yet?

  • Date: 7/12/16 11:12 AM
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rev2217: I don't know that there is all that much variation in the flood stories across various ancient cultures.

Oh goodness, the variation is wide and far:

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Take me back to where I was.
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