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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/5/12 9:51 AM
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WorldNetDaily, of all places, published a letter written by a Christian serving in the Air Force, stationed in Hawaii, in an area dominated by Buddhist and Shinto believers. In other words, he was a member of a minority religion. So what happened
  • Date: 2/5/09 9:49 AM
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Hey, Guthree. . .

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  • Date: 9/12/12 1:53 PM
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The Pope says atheists pick and choose their own morals.


Today I will be frowning on child abuse, and not having a problem with homosexuality.
  • Date: 7/31/07 12:56 PM
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I hate to disagree with you, AM. You may be correct on a global scale, but my single data point doesn't align with your theory.

Before I arrived here at this board as a lifelong fundamentalist Christian, I had long had an interest in
  • Date: 10/2/12 8:37 AM
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The evangelical parachurch organization Focus on the Family has warned that if Obama wins the election, it will begin the end of freedom in America as we enter a new era of socialism. Obama will sweep in dangerous and horrifying legislation that
  • Date: 10/28/11 6:04 PM
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First let me note that I am not part of the yacht and private jet set, which represents
  • Date: 10/27/10 3:19 PM
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Rachel Maddow asks Alaskans why they are supporting Joe Miller:

Supporter A: Because Eric Holder is anti-gun.
RM: What's he done against guns?
Supporter A: Wuh . . . what hasn't he done against guns? Look at his voting
  • Date: 3/6/13 2:50 PM
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You would think Christians of all people would be more sympathetic to unmarried pregnant women.

No you wouldn't. Not if you'd ever talked to them.


What would be really
  • Date: 7/16/10 12:00 PM
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Israeli psychologist George Tamarin conducted a survey among 1000 Israeli school-children ages eight to fourteen. He presented to them the biblical story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, where Joshua commanded Israeli soldiers to slaughter all
  • Date: 10/5/07 6:44 AM
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To sum up, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles needs to raise millions of dollars it owes to the victims of the pedophile priests that the
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Take me back to where I was.
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