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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/26/17 8:56 PM
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Draining the swamp is proving to be quite the undertaking when seasoned seamen spot the sh*t sandwich in the west wing.

President Trump's nominee for secretary of the Navy, Philip Bilden, has withdrawn his name from consideration,
  • Date: 2/26/17 1:06 PM
  • Number: 861410
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Proof positive that a career in the military does not necessarily make one wise.
  • Date: 2/26/17 12:57 PM
  • Number: 861406
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Only fools don't pay attention to the demographic implications of immigration.

Only fools don't see the folly in the religious war against family planning and contraception... one of Trumps first EO's defunds any NGO
  • Date: 2/26/17 12:53 PM
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They can deny it all they want. But it's still true. They DID vote for him KNOWING that he was a racist and a bigot. Therefore, racism and bigotry are ok with them.

Racism and bigotry are okay with some of them, but that's
  • Date: 2/26/17 12:44 PM
  • Number: 490979
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No. He won BECAUSE of his racism and bigotry.
This is because the people who voted for him are A-OK with racism and bigotry

Nah. He won because he said he would do whatever was necessary to create jobs and growth, cut taxes, AND
  • Date: 2/26/17 12:09 PM
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The leftist press and The Resistance declared the war, before Trump was even inaugurated. They have absolutely no desire whatsoever to work with the administration.

It's not just 'leftists' that are unwilling to work with
  • Date: 2/26/17 11:49 AM
  • Number: 490971
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Rolly polly fish heads
Fish Heads Fish Heads
Eat 'em up

RIP Bill Paxton.
  • Date: 2/26/17 10:29 AM
  • Number: 490970
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Reading the squabbling between y'all, I am sure glad to have lived before the alt-right took over, and got to enjoy relatively care-free travel around the world...nice mountains, good waves, good art and eats...

Nationally, the GOP
  • Date: 2/26/17 10:06 AM
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Designating a country as being "worthy of extra scrutiny" (to use your words) is NOT nearly the same as banning anyone from that country from entering the US.

You can see the distinction, can't you?

People who
  • Date: 2/25/17 2:01 PM
  • Number: 2140495
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goto 6:45 Rep. Issa House oversight committee

Issa's my rep. I talk to his office quite a bit. They have my name,
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Take me back to where I was.
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