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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/10/14 9:27 PM
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For those who lost track of this saga, the Costa Concordia was successfully parbuckled last fall. This spring the salvage crew welded on framework to the stbd side. To this frame work they attached 15 huge steel boxes, called sponsons, that mirror
  • Date: 7/10/14 9:09 PM
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AM:Christianity has got to be the most convenient religion on the planet.
It just so easy to announce what "God has said" or what "God wants". Who can prove you wrong?

  • Date: 7/9/14 5:00 PM
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Good stuff.... ....but not strong enough for RECF.
  • Date: 7/9/14 3:57 PM
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Dope: Wow, a whole big long Goofyhoofy rant.

That has no discernible point. Go figure.

The point was unmistakable, Dope.

Goofy pantsed you... again... for all to see...again.
  • Date: 7/9/14 3:47 PM
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And yet denominations as a whole have yet to come forward and condemn churches, congregations, and individuals who do things like this.

Talk is cheap.
  • Date: 7/9/14 2:14 PM
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  • Date: 7/9/14 2:12 PM
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If the ham was a totally new experience, you might even have her try Italian proscuitto - similarly a thin-sliced cured ham. That's available everywhere, but make sure you get the stuff from Parma for the authentic version.

Ya know,
  • Date: 7/9/14 2:02 PM
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A bottle of sangria?

Truth be told, I'm not a huge sangria fan, but I figured, when in Spain. My wife ordered sangria quite a bit and I'd taste it. I appreciated the difference in sangria from one place to another .. from super
  • Date: 7/9/14 1:09 PM
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Darryl Issa's latest in his non-stop attacks on the POTUS; a fund raising e-mail:

"Americans are fair-minded. We can accept that sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes things go very wrong.

What we cannot accept are

  • Date: 7/9/14 12:47 PM
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You visited places that are among the most beautiful, romantic, awe-inspiring, and just plain fun locations on earth: Barcelona......

I didn't write up our 2 weeks in Spain from May just because there's so much amazing stuff we did
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Take me back to where I was.
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