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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 5/28/16 12:26 PM
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I wondered as I saw it, how many of the 50+ people who rec'd the post understood that it was a self effacing joke.
All of them. I like to think we're both polite and subtle enough for that to be the
  • Date: 4/19/16 10:15 AM
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My motto from my programming career:
"Plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize.
Let no one's work evade your eyes."

Never let it be said that you don't have great taste in music.

- Jamie
  • Date: 2/17/16 11:59 AM
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Have you ever considered that closing prices are almost completely bogus? The closing price of a stock is just the price at which the very last 100 shares traded for at the end of the day. So it totally depends on if the last guy who squeeked in
  • Date: 1/3/16 1:09 PM
  • Number: 260480
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I was checking a screen I held last year to see how our returns compared. I had used rebel2011's post to set my real money portfolio, top 3 of pih_cso_simple, treppe, hold 7 months, start in December.

  • Date: 1/2/16 5:40 PM
  • Number: 260467
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2015 actually ended on Dec 28th on the calendar, but I waited until the new year to update the results (OK, truth be told, I waited until I was reminded that the "year" ended earlier than I
  • Date: 12/19/15 3:39 PM
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...Jame Gritton's MI Backtester is pretty awesome, especially given the price...

Any thoughts come up there?

Only that I'm not above enjoying a little flattery :-).

- Jamie
  • Date: 12/14/15 12:40 PM
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Are you hosting the GTR1 queries and database?

Good question, and something I meant to say: yes, this server hosts both my backtester and Robbie's GTR1.

- Jamie
  • Date: 12/14/15 9:45 AM
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You got the teaser about the SSD. While I didn't quite get the deal Phil saw on Amazon, prices are generally looking good. I wouldn't have even been shopping for one though, if I hadn't seen a great deal on eBay where I keep an eye out for
  • Date: 12/10/15 10:08 AM
  • Number: 260022
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Where can I run such a scan and be able to drill down to see the actual company tickers (not fake tickers) to verify the company’s financials actually reflect the scan criteria?

You'll need a Value Line subscription for that. Then
  • Date: 12/10/15 10:06 AM
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However, it's quite possible that before I ever get to that project, the price of a 100% solid state 1TB drive falls to the point where replacing the obsolescing SSHD with an SSD makes more sense than the programming.

You're jumping
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Take me back to where I was.
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