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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/3/17 11:31 AM
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I did EXACTLY the same thing, and for the same reasons.

And have just about quit TMF.
  • Date: 2/27/17 3:28 PM
  • Number: 491058
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Have you considered the possibility that more socially conservative white union/blue collar workers in the rural Rust Belt are not as progressive as Democrats on issues like immigration, gay/trans rights, law and order/police reform, gun control,
  • Date: 2/27/17 12:41 AM
  • Number: 2140701
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How do BOTH Beatty and Dunaway misread the same card?

No, she read the card correctly, it's just that she and Beatty were given the wrong card.
  • Date: 2/16/17 7:36 PM
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going after our intelligence groups has to be the dumbest ideas ever.

I hope he keeps at it.

Really disparage and create anger among some of the covert, black-ops CIA operatives that, well, really are above the law and
  • Date: 1/20/17 1:20 AM
  • Number: 488308
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Math Jeopardy:

Answer: 27%

Question: What fraction of eligible voters cast their vote for Donald Trump?

28.5% voted for Clinton.

And 100 million eligible voters didn't vote.

  • Date: 12/11/16 3:57 PM
  • Number: 2123570
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WASHINGTON An extraordinary breach has emerged between President-elect Donald J. Trump and the national security establishment, with Mr. Trump mocking American intelligence assessments that Russia interfered in the election on his behalf, and
  • Date: 11/17/16 9:52 AM
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Democrats should be showing this graph everywhere (note: ACA began in 2010):

Lots of
  • Date: 11/11/16 5:53 PM
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We've got a lot on our plate right now.
  • Date: 11/4/16 11:42 PM
  • Number: 2114778
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This is not a Christian nation. It is not even a "religious" nation. It is, by design, a SECULAR nation, in which you're free to exercise your own peculiar superstitious behaviors, but are NOT free to impose them on
  • Date: 10/11/16 8:58 PM
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It's partly about starch release, but also about not creating a 'too soupy' risotto (ie, add the broth slowly so you know when to stop).
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Take me back to where I was.
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