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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/15/14 11:14 AM
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knighttof3, here are some anecdotes that provide good answer to your question.

Think Getting "Free" ID Is Easy? Think Again!

Notre Dame University student Angela Hiss was barred from voting in Indiana because
  • Date: 10/9/14 2:46 PM
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Another day, another incident of police shooting or pepper-spraying a young black man.

"You can go a long ways in this country killing black folk." - The Bunk (who is strictly a suit-and-tie MoFo'er).
  • Date: 10/9/14 2:21 PM
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The first step is we need to stop viewing healthcare/medical care as a for-profit industry area.

Of course that's the first step, and probably the last step too.

But it seems like the for-profit system can throw enough
  • Date: 10/8/14 12:19 PM
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But Obamacare was suppose to make everything easier.

The whole mess has turned hospitals, doctors, labs, caretakers, etc into administrative jobs demanding efficiency, but not so much in taking care of you, but taking care of themselves.

  • Date: 10/8/14 1:05 AM
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I hope they burn to the ground.

Denial of coverage is a sick game they play.

My wife goes for her doc for a routine visit, phlebotomist comes in and says the doc ordered some routine labs, wife says "uh,
  • Date: 10/8/14 12:50 AM
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Don't forget what we're arguing about: whether the Bush administration downgraded and defunded anti-terrorism programs before 9-11. There's no question that it did.

Don't forget Ashcroft's famous Sept 10, 2001 DoJ Budget Request
  • Date: 10/6/14 12:36 PM
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I've been scanning the headlines every few hours to check for updates on Bianchi's condition, and just came across this video of the moment of impact.

DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO - it's very disturbing.

  • Date: 10/1/14 9:04 PM
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The cartoonist says he's "definitely not racist. I was just thinking if myself. I really like watermelon."

He knew exactly what he was doing, and the Boston Herald knew exactly what it was printing, which makes the
  • Date: 9/28/14 8:58 PM
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FBI report shocker!

I'm shocked the NRA allowed the FBI to produce, and the NYT to print, such a report.

Years ago the gun manufacturers and NRA would've had this sort of thing quashed. I guess they're losing their
  • Date: 9/25/14 12:43 PM
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We are being so played by the bad guys in the ME and Obama is too stupid and arrogant to see it.

That ship sailed in 2001, and 69% of Americans at that time were too stupid and arrogant to see it.
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Take me back to where I was.
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