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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/26/15 6:27 PM
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"Gross Hypocrisy is our governments middle name."

True, I suppose. But it is somehow even more offensive than usual to find someone pretending to be a military man of alleged high ethics and standards of personal behavior - a high
  • Date: 4/26/15 3:29 PM
  • Number: 1997336
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"The gross hypocrisy in this case knows no bounds."

Indeed. A few highlights;

"Former CIA director David Petraeus received his sentence today for the sweetheart plea deal he struck with the Justice Department after
  • Date: 4/26/15 3:17 PM
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"Are you Republican?" Sawyer asked.

"Yeah," he said with a smile.


Other than that - and Kim - he has nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • Date: 4/26/15 12:19 PM
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"Cnservatives have myriad choices and views."

Translation: They haven't decided which of the screwballs running they will support. Once they do, the goose stepping begins.

"Here's to your
  • Date: 4/26/15 12:15 PM
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You go, Jimmy!
  • Date: 4/26/15 10:55 AM
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I suppose Romney wasn't exactly a bozo, but his contempt for ordinary Americans cannot be denied.

"Sure it can be denied"

Is someone now suggesting that recorded voice smearing "the
  • Date: 4/25/15 11:51 PM
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"Scott Walker's priority is protecting American wages."

Then he is hopelessly incompetent, based on his results so far.

"PA 401K Liberal's main priority is protecting Corporate Profits."

No such group,
  • Date: 4/25/15 3:46 PM
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Note the absence of any 'shock and awe' bombing campaigns, no invasions and occupations of countries that had not attacked the US during Obama's time as POTUS.

"Are you kidding me? They are bombing in Iraq as we speak. There has
  • Date: 4/25/15 9:58 AM
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"He might lose points if he tells the truth"

Shocking. You guys can find campaign promises that a two term President has broken? Amazing. Find a President who hasn't broken some campaign promises.
  • Date: 4/25/15 9:53 AM
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"Not new, you know"

"Your lack of concern is noted - and at least you are honest about it."

How does "not new" lead you to a lack of concern?

"As long as my stocks are up, I
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Take me back to where I was.
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