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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 5/4/15 10:39 PM
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Good summary..

Yes, he wrote Eat to Live - a good book and you can buy cheap second hand copy and the later Super Immunity.

He has been on PBS many times with specials during fund raising.

I also like Dr Perlmutter and
  • Date: 5/4/15 9:07 PM
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CC:"No, I meant, why can't the Swedish government shut off food and water to the weenies? "

For the same reason the Israelis supply power, allow food and water to be brought into Gaza.

They'd riot and burn down the
  • Date: 5/4/15 7:51 PM
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"You can't turn off power and water to the weenies…and of the 250,000 in Malmo, 80% are on benefits…and the other 20% too young to be on them. They will be. No one works. At least at a traceable job."

CC:Why not?
  • Date: 5/4/15 7:42 PM
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Yes, they got hospice care - but there are still loads of things that need to be done and the hospice car is 16 hours a day....

Sis is frazzled but now it's been going on about 16 months. diagnosed Jan 2014. Operations, cut half his
  • Date: 5/4/15 7:36 PM
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Mike:"Let's see how long the Muzzies can last if the food and utilities to their enclaves are shut-off (electric, gas, water, sewage. etc.)"

What keeps them alive is massive welfare payments. The Swedish government spends
  • Date: 5/4/15 6:17 PM
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Heck, Hillary and Bill founded a 'non profit'. Used 85% of the funds raised for overhead, first class travel for Bill and Hillary, first class hotels for them, fine dining, plus their kid does the same and the future generations will all make
  • Date: 5/4/15 5:54 PM
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" “Do you remember the jihadist terror campaign that ravaged Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city? Do you recall the bombings, the suicide-hijackings, and the random assassinations that finally coerced the city to surrender to
  • Date: 5/4/15 5:24 PM
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"Those who come here will become part of our society. - Brooklyn"

No...they will create ghettos of festering hatred and contempt for western civilization and values.

No different than England and Sweden and France, where
  • Date: 5/4/15 5:10 PM
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My BIL - now late Stage IV pancreatic cancer, is at home....for the days/weeks of his life.

Can't get out of bed for himself any longer......

Needs 24/7 care.......

Sister doing shifts and two kids do weekend
  • Date: 5/4/15 5:05 PM
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"I forgot to add tele, if the Bible prophecies do not materialize any time soon and the Muslim horde's descend upon the US, knowing the typical Texas redneck mentality, who will die before they submit to Allah, will mobilize and systematically
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Take me back to where I was.
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