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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/6/18 9:24 PM
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Teddy, did you run the market til December/January?
Nice to see some vol back, for sure. Normalisation of 'real' expectations/perceived future interest rate markets. Usual normal has returned.
  • Date: 2/6/18 8:24 PM
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Ironic that several youngsters have said, friends of mine are buying Bitcoins, bought months ago at 6k, now we're at 18k, what do you reckon. At 18, 15, 12, said, put it in an S&P total return tracker.
Brilliant for momentum trading
  • Date: 2/6/18 8:21 PM
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Trust the recovery is going well.
  • Date: 11/9/17 9:22 PM
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You posh git! :)
Head down to the boot next time, it's become far more amenable to travelers the last decade.
Yes, still hard to beat anything in that part of the world.
  • Date: 11/5/17 7:24 PM
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Sounds a great trip, Dan.

Teddy, how was Italy? Where did you visit this time. further south?
  • Date: 8/7/17 5:07 PM
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About being a marine biologist, of which I am most certainly not one. Nor being a fan of oysters...
I did know there were both fresh water and sea water oysters. I figured, Rocky Mountain oysters, must be from a glacial lake.

G/F comes
  • Date: 8/4/17 11:23 AM
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Hei ReadyTeddyCook,

Never called 'home', home, until Colorado, love it, at least, not since London. Always a compromise, I miss the sea, but otherwise all's good.

Flattening curve. Nth Korea, Syria, Russia, market at
  • Date: 6/21/17 2:20 PM
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It's in the mid 90°s this week in Denver - love it - lots of Vitamin D!
At times it seems like living in a parallel universe, Sweden vs. Drumphdom, but at least CO is somewhat insulated from the BS in DC.
Biking, Nordic walking,
  • Date: 11/16/16 8:33 PM
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Don't even go there with SEK. I get paid net SEK. Sucks, as they say.
  • Date: 8/9/16 10:01 AM
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Now that you're all chummy, next time just make it a boys night out over beverages and stock talk. So much more relaxing. :)
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Take me back to where I was.
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