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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/22/18 10:33 PM
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Hi russcaxp,

It's not a wonderful price -- but I think it's a fair price at about 24x EPS estimated for this year. We're starting fairly small at 2.5%, so like VRSK and FDS (and some others), we'll likely buy more if we get
  • Date: 2/22/18 10:26 PM
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Hi Trevor,

Sorry to not write sooner -- I can't always find a way to spend time on the boards each day, or even for a stretch sometimes. But nonetheless, fellow members had good advice.

Indeed, writing puts in an IRA has few to
  • Date: 2/14/18 10:07 PM
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Hi Fools,

Indeed, the price did move... the stock gained a decent bit of ground all the sudden today (rising market). But the trade still remains viable.


  • Date: 2/14/18 3:32 PM
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(Thanks, Scott!)

Yup, looking good, either way.

I have a roll report written (to March 23, $105s); we'll issue if (and once) that appears reasonable/the best thing to do for members. Right now, the time value to buy our $105
  • Date: 2/14/18 12:39 PM
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Hi Fools,

The team wanted to issue a Wild Card buy report today, buying three stocks in EP, so our Options have been moved back a bit in deference.

Our Everlasting Options will be issued next week now, Friday the 23rd. Apologies
  • Date: 2/14/18 12:35 PM
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Thanks, Toby!

That's now almost three years of Everlasting Options recommendations, including the obligatory quarterly hedge recommendation, and I believe only one of those hedges paid any money in the end. So, 1 of 12. That's
  • Date: 2/14/18 11:27 AM
  • Number: 1300
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SWKS to $104.60 now, and still nearly $1 in time value on Friday's $105 puts...

We can wait... a .... bit.... more....

Meanwhile, we're earning a profit, sitting on a profit, obviously...

  • Date: 2/13/18 11:26 AM
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Hi FoolishPVY,

We're down 17% as well... but COHR is volatile, and I don't think a repair (that caps our upside) is necessary already. I also wouldn't over-allocate to it, though. We're fine with our allocation right now.
  • Date: 2/13/18 11:13 AM
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Agreed. The column in the port hasn't said "recommended allocation" for many (many) months, since last spring I believe. But it said that for a long time before then.

The allocation tool is something we are discussing removing
  • Date: 2/12/18 12:48 PM
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Greetings again,

With SWKS lately $103.50, our $105 puts expiring Friday are near-the-money; the stock could easily end above or below our strike.

We plan to issue guidance on Wednesday, but members who are flexible can wait and
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