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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/20/18 11:40 AM
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The Democrats are aware that Republicans will try to hide the Mueller report when it is complete. This suit is a hedge to make sure the facts get out.

Not only that but they have to be losing their minds trying to figure out what
  • Date: 4/20/18 11:16 AM
  • Number: 2203892
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Discovery should be interesting

  • Date: 4/13/18 5:49 PM
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In the spirit of keeping football and politics separate, let's also remove all subsidies and tax/free breaks given to NFL team owners.

Amen. Same goes for having local governments blowing the public coffers on stadium building.
  • Date: 4/13/18 3:06 PM
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I say the NFL is trying to protect the brand.

I've come a long way to agree. I don't get to make political gestures while acting as an agent of my employer without awareness of potential consequences.

I think
  • Date: 3/30/18 9:55 AM
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people who are happy to feed the POTUS's delusions to further their own careers

Yet it's difficult to see how any of these people are furthering their own careers in a post-Trump environment. Like Betsy DeVos is bolstering
  • Date: 3/29/18 1:49 PM
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Roy Moore: Screwing age should be 14. Or maybe younger, if he can get the parent's permission.
  • Date: 3/27/18 11:39 AM
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Thanks for posting a link that I'll actually click on.

Last thing I need on my computer is a bunch of rogue
  • Date: 3/22/18 2:26 PM
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I won't summarize the findings here. Waste of time

  • Date: 3/22/18 12:23 PM
  • Number: 2200824
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I call that having no independent thought,

Conservatives have supplanted that liberal book-learnin' with FOX news and then pat themselves on the back for "independent thought."
  • Date: 3/22/18 12:20 PM
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Can't hardly blame the guy for not wanting to be the lead defense attorney for the first American President to be convicted of treason.
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Take me back to where I was.
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