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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/18/18 8:22 AM
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My take is that we have a good economy because we have excellent energy inputs and relatively good governance and decent labor.

And E-Z credit, that lets everyone buy buy buy and feed the GDP numbers.

Consumer debt is set
  • Date: 8/17/18 11:53 AM
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What difference does 3 or 6 months make when many S&P 500 companies are using non-GAAP numbers anyway.

Just as their media lickspittles offer "alternate facts" to pump their stock after a disastrous quarter. Thing is,
  • Date: 8/17/18 9:36 AM
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Near worthless money is a South American tradition. I watched a documentary decades ago on a wood pulp making venture in Brazil.

Jari project

  • Date: 8/17/18 9:15 AM
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The unemployment rate among young Americans fell to its lowest level in more than 50 years this summer,

I had noticed one kid working at the local Wendy's, who looks about 12, though Michigan law doesn't allow kids younger
  • Date: 8/17/18 8:53 AM
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...with the usual "jobs" excuse.

Trump pushes to study an end to quarterly earnings reports as a way to help business do 'even better'

In speaking with some of the world’s top business leaders I asked what it

  • Date: 8/17/18 1:08 AM
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Which of course coincided with common use of the birth control pill?

According to Wiki, the BC pill first became available in the US in 1960. This graph shows that the US fertility rate started a steep decline right around 60. The
  • Date: 8/17/18 12:48 AM
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Concrete falling from bridges is routine. This is the "exceptional" nation, so that makes it OK. Those socialistic Canadians clearly hate America because they snivel about perfectly routine free enterprise operations.

  • Date: 8/16/18 7:50 PM
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...beginning with the liberal immigration reform bill of 1965.

Liberalizing immigration in 1965, vs the openly racist immigration laws of the 1920s, was actually a rational approach to falling USian fertility rates and the aging
  • Date: 8/16/18 7:38 PM
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I've heard stories that German prisoners were kept in open fields, without shelter.

And what were their living conditions before surrendering? Living in a hole in the ground with people shooting at them. Marines on Guadalcanal
  • Date: 8/16/18 4:40 PM
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Trench weapons used by British and Canadian soldiers in WWI on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

Then a man developed a shortish weapon he called a "trench broom".

That was after US troops found pump
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Take me back to where I was.
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