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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/11/16 1:33 AM
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Israel readies for 'super-tech' stealth fighters

Who paid for them? Did the Israelis dig into their own pocket, or are the planes part of the aid the US sends each year?

15 Sep 2016

Big US military aid
  • Date: 12/11/16 1:20 AM
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(As a retired retailer I know just how important markup is. It can be the difference between making the rent/mortgage and eating that month. If these retailers are forced to continue selling merchandise at less than the cost of doing business
  • Date: 12/11/16 1:15 AM
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"The people who do all the saving and investing, should get rich and therefore should have lots of money"

Thing is, that is *not* what he said. Kemp was one of the leading lights of "supply side" economics, so
  • Date: 12/11/16 1:10 AM
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They are also notorious for massive government regulation of the legal economy, to the point that the underground economy - not just in illegal activities, but in businesses doing perfectly legal things without the licenses and permits
  • Date: 12/10/16 7:17 PM
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A compelling argument can be made that the sacrifices made at home, such as increased wealth inequality, may be outweighed by the long term benefits of the chosen strategy.

Another argument could be that the US became so powerful
  • Date: 12/10/16 5:32 PM
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And the fallacy of a lot of these studies, they don't check to see if its the same people staying in the same percentiles.

It is, or was, normal for people to earn a higher income and build some wealth, even if modest, as they
  • Date: 12/10/16 1:43 PM
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That study found that Americans in the bottom half of the income scale have experienced stagnant income since 1980.

That has been the stated objective of "supply side economics" since the 80s. As I heard Jack Kemp clearly
  • Date: 12/10/16 1:19 PM
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Of course, Pru itself is such a paragon of ethics.

October 22, 1993
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 Prudential Securities Inc. agreed today to repay hundreds of thousands of customers for huge losses they suffered because of widespread fraud

  • Date: 12/10/16 1:05 PM
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The Michigan law permits cars with no steering wheel and no brake pedal. Buried in there somewhere is probably some sort of "tort reform" to cap the car marker's liability at a trivial level for when their computer honks up and causes
  • Date: 12/9/16 7:17 PM
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Big lump of coal goes to the much-ballyhooed Dodd Frank Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. All these many years later and still thinkin' on ideas.

It's hard to think clearly when you have lobbyists crawling up your a$$ all
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