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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/24/16 3:17 PM
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Fiber, yes; B6, no.

2 medium figs (100 grams, 3.5 oz) contain 0.113 mg B6.

Daily recommended intake is 2 mg.

So, 2 figs is only 5% of the recommended daily value.

  • Date: 7/24/16 1:45 PM
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This seemed an appropriate post for the "Health and Nutrition" board: cooking today, fruits of a harvest from my mom's back yard. Fig cake with fig compote on top, made with fresh figs from my mom's ABUNDANTLY producing tree... on
  • Date: 7/24/16 1:31 PM
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* Even LTC insurance doesn't cover a caregiver whose role is primarily housekeeping (cooking, cleaning, changing sheets, laundry, giving meds, shopping,...). If Dad had LTC, which he doesn't, it might possibly kick in when he starts
  • Date: 7/23/16 11:24 PM
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They're reporting this like it's a negative, but I'm seeing a best-selling bottled water opportunity....

  • Date: 7/23/16 11:09 PM
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AJAXWith most of the country unemployed and most factories gone? It must be quite an expansion!

EDITH "Most of the country unemployed"----> no way... "Most factories gone" -----> No way...
  • Date: 7/23/16 6:32 PM
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I'm sure the lack of new infrastructure projects has nothing at all to do with the "no new taxes" shrilly supported by the republicans and their pledged. I mean, you do understand how stuff gets paid for, right??

By the way,
  • Date: 7/23/16 4:34 PM
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See: this is where actual FACTS come in, not Trumpian fear-based rhetoric:

With most of the country unemployed and most factories gone? It must be quite an expansion!

"Most of the country unemployed"----> no
  • Date: 7/23/16 10:24 AM
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Stock market up 150%.
2nd longest peacetime expansion of the economy in US history.
GDP growth from -5 to +3.5
Annual deficit down from 10% to 2.8%
Consumer confidence Up from 37% to 85%
Violent crime rate down

  • Date: 7/21/16 10:56 PM
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I have NO CLUE what I want to be called....and I know this sounds silly, but it's kind of provoking some anxiety...any ideas? DH's grandmother was a "nana", so that's out because that's an old lady, and I'm not that
  • Date: 7/21/16 8:56 PM
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He might even end up back as a Senator from Texas?

He still is a senator from Texas.
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