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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/26/16 5:26 PM
  • Number: 84603
  • Recommendations: 5 the woman who shot her 2 daughters dead in Houston, and then was killed by police.

Someone on my Facebook linked to her Facebook page. Voyeur that I am, I looked. What struck me, a bit uncomfortably, is how much her FB looked like
  • Date: 6/23/16 12:22 AM
  • Number: 894454
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I have always found very nice sheets at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning.
  • Date: 6/22/16 12:54 PM
  • Number: 894432
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Not that it matters around here obviously.

Woo-hoo!! SlickNik gets it, finally!!
  • Date: 6/19/16 11:55 AM
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I just want to discuss the book(s). And specifically as it pertains to the current thread: it's going to be a lot harder for the doctor to drive a dented '99 model than someone who came to this country with a $100 in their pocket. I have
  • Date: 6/19/16 10:58 AM
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Nik, what is it that you hope to accomplish with this thread in which you contributed 13 of the 30 posts? Did you want to make people aware of Thomas Stanley's observation that a certain class of people has a propensity towards consumption?
  • Date: 6/18/16 7:05 PM
  • Number: 43241
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Did my first kettle bell workout today. Kicked my butt (in a good way). Supposedly you can burn 400 calories in a half an hour. I believe it.
  • Date: 6/18/16 5:53 PM
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So -- let's talk about ways that people have gotten to the point of having their housing be below their means. I'd like to hear other stories.

I had to move back to Tennessee from Texas toward the end of "the great
  • Date: 6/18/16 9:17 AM
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it looks like you have some type of authority complex Keeler. Typical 60s liberal pfff.

You may have correctly diagnosed me--I really don't care that much anymore about what "they" think... pretty much about anything.
  • Date: 6/17/16 11:35 PM
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Wait a minute. ted this as a different topic w/o knowing his is going to be: I'm-so-cheap-I-still-wear-bell bottoms thread. Lets try and keep w/ the topic please.

One: you're not the boss of us.

Two: isn't the
  • Date: 6/17/16 9:53 PM
  • Number: 894255
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Right after AngelSpouse and I met and married a new store opened in the mall that just sold t-shirts. I bought about 8 of them ...all extra large so I could just wear them around the house to slouch in and also as a kind of nightshirt. That was
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Take me back to where I was.
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