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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/20/14 1:04 AM
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And trillions of dollars in new spending on Obamacare.

Thanks for making my point.

No, you just changed the subject like you always do.

One might argue that investing in Americans' health is a form of
  • Date: 9/17/14 8:25 PM
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I'm confused. The OP was asking about what is essentially a "bug out" kit. As I read the post, she wanted a bag that she grabs as she is beating feet out the door. I appreciate building up a bunch of stuff in your home for when you have
  • Date: 9/17/14 8:08 PM
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It'as true that Republican politics has often been to "starve the beast" of tax money. That's because liberals tend to skew any spending towards various welfare programs rather than maintaining infrastructure.

  • Date: 9/16/14 11:17 PM
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I've decided I need an emergency kit, and I've been reading up on the kinds of things I need in it. So far I've decided I need an emergency hand crank radio/cell phone charger/flashlight, etc. gizmo, and a big back to pack my kit in. I know I need
  • Date: 9/16/14 7:40 PM
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We are afloat on a sea of deficit spending and debt. How sustainable is that, do you suppose?

Oh, probably about as sustainable as the constant call to "cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes" until there's no money left for
  • Date: 9/16/14 6:53 PM
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Well, if your friends IRL think that you are being totally stupid and over-reactive then they are not truly your friends!
If this had happened to me, I'd have been devastated, just like you seem to be.
I feel your pain.
  • Date: 9/16/14 12:13 AM
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FTR, I am a generous tipper, but that doesn't mean I like the practice.

You know, I tip very well in restaurants, I think especially because I used to wait tables and I understand their compensation structure. I tip the pizza
  • Date: 9/15/14 10:47 PM
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Not your fault. Still sucks, but not your fault.

Thanks. It just breaks my heart. I took him chicken last night for dinner, and he's got a good appetite, and my mom said he walked over to the sound of her voice this morning on the
  • Date: 9/15/14 10:01 PM
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That's dismaying because hotel workers have a 40% higher injury rate than other service sector workers, and housekeepers have a 50% higher rate than other hotel workers. The job involves lots of lifting, bending, and twisting with heavy loads and
  • Date: 9/14/14 5:39 PM
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Personally, I have little sympathy for journalists, aid workers and others who voluntarily go into risky areas and into harms way and then wind up being harmed.

I admire the people who go into harm's way in order to bring us
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Take me back to where I was.
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