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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/23/17 2:33 PM
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Sort of like a compassionate conservative?

I've always been amused at that term, since having to point out that you're a COMPASSIONATE conservative proves the point that the default is anything but.
  • Date: 2/23/17 2:30 PM
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If there was ever a president who could be considered a Saint, it would be Carter. Remember when his greatest shame was that he had "lusted after a woman in his heart". Compare that to our current commander-in-chief. Carter was an
  • Date: 2/23/17 1:47 PM
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That other post was as old as Moses' toes:
  • Date: 2/23/17 1:27 PM
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I understand reluctance to entrust a stranger - but having seen what intelligent, normally ration people have done in my family and my wife's has been sobering. My wife and I have opted for strangers. We have provided guidelines (i.e. in

  • Date: 2/23/17 11:08 AM
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From the recent discussions about people lazing about on Disability and how much we can get from Social Security.

SSD - Social Security Disability ranges from $700 to $1700 a month with the average being $1165.
Hardly the lap of luxury.
  • Date: 2/23/17 10:51 AM
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It's not much, but my DH was dropping a package at the post office and took in an umbrella because it looked ominous. As he came out the sky opened up and WOOSH! A black woman was looking sadly at her car across the parking lot - well dressed,
  • Date: 2/22/17 4:06 PM
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don't be so smart ***** about it and think you know it all

You do know who you're talking to, right?
  • Date: 2/22/17 4:01 PM
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Yeah, I rationalized it that way too until I found one that liked me.


  • Date: 2/22/17 3:32 PM
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Unless she is one of those rare women who thinks about math like a man.

Someone needs to drag him to a movie theater, tie him to a chair and make him watch "Hidden Figures" until he realizes we wouldn't have made it to
  • Date: 2/22/17 3:22 PM
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Hey SP, we have an "Owning Rental Property" board here, you should hop over and join.

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Take me back to where I was.
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