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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/21/16 4:01 PM
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White males aren't the problem.

It's Racist White Liberals that are the problem.

More bla-bla-bla with zero stats to back anything up. You're pretty good at parroting right-wing radio.

Polly wanna
  • Date: 9/21/16 3:56 PM
  • Number: 88217
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Like Italian men, where 52% still live with their mamas well into their 30's.

  • Date: 9/21/16 3:43 PM
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If you're adroit in managing your investments, Obamacare is actually cheaper than Medicare. With no change in my health, I expect my premiums and co-pays to rise when I hit age 65 and start Medicare coverage.

Never would have

  • Date: 9/21/16 2:37 PM
  • Number: 80852
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You are right. You live somewhere and the rest of us live in Lake Wobegon.

I know I do!

I'm strong - my husband is good looking - and all of my children are WAY above average!

  • Date: 9/21/16 2:34 PM
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Talk about your early retirement!
  • Date: 9/21/16 2:27 PM
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I think maybe we could get to single payer if we started by lowering the age where Medicare becomes an option and by allowing the disabled to enroll in Medicare (instead of Medicaid, which requires a means test). That would be the first step.
  • Date: 9/21/16 2:22 PM
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By the way, I am honored to be linked to the most intelligent and accomplished president of the past 50 years.

Apparently you think it's an insult, though.

Tell us all again all the ways your
  • Date: 9/21/16 2:20 PM
  • Number: 2103754
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Is 100% qualified to tell Black America who well they are doing.

There are these things called facts. Backed up by - you know - numbers.

Not that you'd know anything about that.
  • Date: 9/21/16 11:24 AM
  • Number: 2103697
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A white male isn't running the country.

And blacks are suffering.

Whites are suffering.

It took awhile to dig us out of the sh*t storm the last white male left us in during his 8 years of
  • Date: 9/20/16 5:43 PM
  • Number: 88168
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Here we have a black guy who was raised by a single mother and his grandparents, goes to Harvard and becomes president. He cut in front of the line.

Yeah, it's supposed to be a rich white guy, like Dubya, who gets into Yale not
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Take me back to where I was.
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