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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/18/18 4:05 PM
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Yeah I told him no, send detailed claim and he’s going to..... and I might get a third quote too.
  • Date: 4/18/18 10:46 AM
  • Number: 65273
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The reason he was so good in Full Metal Jacket is that before he was an actor he actually was a drill sergeant. He ad-libbed most of that scene. It rang true because it was.
  • Date: 4/18/18 10:40 AM
  • Number: 5612
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One roofer just wants to use my insurance claim as his quote, best I can understand.


I haven’t seen the claim yet.
  • Date: 4/18/18 10:38 AM
  • Number: 137179
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Should I let a roofer “work off the insurance claim “?

Sounds a little...I don’t know.
  • Date: 4/12/18 4:04 PM
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Boehner is a stoner
  • Date: 4/12/18 9:12 AM
  • Number: 5610
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Music from the Five Man Electrical Band

About a year ago I bought a second rental. The roof was old and I asked y’all if I should patch it or replace it. You
  • Date: 4/12/18 9:09 AM
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Living the dream!

  • Date: 4/6/18 12:33 AM
  • Number: 2202295
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Trump starting an unnecessary trade war with China to kill US Businesses....

Putin must be very proud of His Boy.
  • Date: 4/6/18 12:31 AM
  • Number: 87852
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Gotten two of these now. From companies where I own 401K accounts. To paraphrase, it asks if you want to add a person to your account that they can contact in case of suspected fraud other than you.

To me, what it sounds like is if I
  • Date: 4/6/18 12:26 AM
  • Number: 116050
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There's definitely something Uncanny Valley about his pasty round face. That's when something in a movie is CGI and it's so close to reality you're almost sure it's real...but something about it feels just OFF. It sets off
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Take me back to where I was.
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