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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/18/14 9:40 AM
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1. 90 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks.

And 90 percent of whites are killed by other whites. In fact most people are killed by someone they KNOW, like a friend or family member. Black or white, and we're still
  • Date: 12/16/14 12:54 PM
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To me having money is like having a warm coat on a cold day - keeps a little of life's miseries at bay. Won't make me live forever, or guarantee happiness but definitely nice to have.

I've never given a toot about keeping up with the
  • Date: 12/15/14 1:29 PM
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Why, hello, SG! Nice Strawman you have there.
Who said anything about illegally imprisoning American citizens?

Um...if you go back to the FIRST POST that's what the entire thread is about. I was just trying to put you in
  • Date: 12/15/14 1:17 PM
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I doubt it. I've had a few chips fixed and what they use isn't even visible afterwards. Plus which as cheap as it is I'd rather have the experts with the suction cup thingie fix it. But Wal-Mart sells "Windshield Resin" kits for
  • Date: 12/15/14 10:56 AM
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Hey Dope!

When Hillary gets elected, do you support her having the right to imprison and torture American citizens without charges?

You've said a lot of "un-patriotic" things on this board.

Hmmmm.... ;>
  • Date: 12/15/14 10:50 AM
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Strolling through the local shopping center I see an Infinity Quattro (local dealers put out new cars on the promenade) Curious, I stop to look at the sticker. $95,000.

How is any car worth $95,000?

I think of some mid-range
  • Date: 12/15/14 10:34 AM
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In a proper UHC plan everyone is a "benefit taker", including you. And it allows you to cut out the 30% skim that is the typical profit of insurance companies. A 30% savings is a LOT.

Plus the savings to doctors
  • Date: 12/14/14 4:41 PM
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As I said - his guilt doesn't matter. You want us to be a country where one man has authority to jail and torture without trial or charges? So you'd be OK giving this power to Hillary Clinton? Sarah Palin? Dick Cheney? It's all fun and games
  • Date: 12/11/14 1:30 PM
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The road that Bush/Cheny wanted us to go down was a country where the PRESIDENT could declare anybody an "enemy combatant" - imprison them, deny them access to a lawyer or their family, and torture them. EVEN IF THEY WERE AN AMERICAN
  • Date: 12/11/14 12:55 PM
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Just added disk1-season1 to the old Netflix queue. I love cop dramas. I've probably watched every Law and Order ever made (also because it's always on when nothing else is on...)
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Take me back to where I was.
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