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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/21/17 1:24 PM
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>You mean, Trump would like Russia to succeed economically? You don't?

lFO, you can't be as stupid as you come across.

  • Date: 2/21/17 12:08 PM
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I vote for:

2. The Trump business empire is seriously indebted to Russian financial concerns.

Not to the exclusion of the other possibilities.

  • Date: 2/21/17 11:58 AM
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>And yet Lena Dunham, who admitted sexually abusing her younger sister, is still the darling of the liberals.

Are you able to describe the details of what happened?

I doubt it.

  • Date: 2/16/17 2:51 PM
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I'm with you, Dope. Ryan should repeal that sucker ASAP.

  • Date: 2/16/17 11:42 AM
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>Do you have a food taster?

Chris Christie's name has been mentioned.

  • Date: 2/15/17 4:29 PM
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>Even if he were acting under orders from Trump, it was still his choice to follow through on those actions.

It's not like he was executing a war crime. If Trump told him to make the call (which I believe), I would hold Trump 90%
  • Date: 2/15/17 2:32 PM
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>You mean the political suicide of Flynn. It was his own choice to pick up the phone and talk to the Russians when he wasn't supposed to.

Do you really believe this?

I mean Flynn is a retired General. If he had any
  • Date: 2/15/17 2:07 PM
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>A little truthiness makes it all truth.

Not for me. I've guessed that maybe half of the things in the dossier are true, which is enough to make Trump a damn liar (since he said it was all fake).

Calabogie, this is a
  • Date: 2/15/17 7:20 AM
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"I know that I beat Hillary, and I got conclusive evidence of that early on the morning of November 9th, 2016."

And that purely selfish moment, Mr. Trump, was the highpoint of your life. From the moment you assumed the office of
  • Date: 2/15/17 4:29 AM
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>American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications

"American law enforcement" must mean the FBI. You wouldn't use that phrase to describe the CIA. The intercept would be done by the NSA
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Take me back to where I was.
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