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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/10/16 4:19 AM
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I've spent most days of my adult life in various places men train. Yeah, I've heard coarse talk, I've heard guys say they wanted sex with a woman, etc., but I have NEVER heard anyone report committing sexual assault. If they had, most
  • Date: 10/3/16 1:39 AM
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  • Date: 9/23/16 1:57 AM
  • Number: 2104125
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Trump didn't start the bothers (sic), it was a Hillary volunteer.

Well, now that was stupid. You're telling us that birther emails were out there, and they started when a Clinton volunteer got one. I won't even try to

  • Date: 9/18/16 9:47 PM
  • Number: 2103129
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Doesn't make much sense to target "Chelsea" in NYC for any reason.

The Chelsea district in Manhattan is one of the centers of LGBTQ culture. I wouldn't rule out anti-gay terrorism.

Not as much these days.
  • Date: 9/15/16 6:31 AM
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disgusting behavior, really.

  • Date: 9/7/16 12:44 AM
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What Jane says is true to the point that I've noticed Singaporeans seeming less joyful than even their poorer neighbors. Why I am uncertain, but perhaps it's the rigor with which discipline is enforced. Don't break the rules in
  • Date: 9/1/16 5:04 AM
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Read? You expect too much of someone who still thinks he's got the crime of the century. Next up she'll be accused of failure to signal although she no longer drives.
  • Date: 9/1/16 1:12 AM
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Tell it to President Romney sg.
  • Date: 8/31/16 10:47 PM
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"Sharada" is giant thumbs on an iPhone keyboard.
  • Date: 8/31/16 10:43 PM
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You don't put American's at unnecessary risk, especially when the intelligence shows there will be some rogues who will without doubt infiltrate

So since FBI stats and numerous studies establish that most terrorism in
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Take me back to where I was.
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