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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/23/18 8:10 PM
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  • Date: 1/23/18 8:08 PM
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  • Date: 1/18/18 5:51 AM
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Yep, and itís the preferred successor to blood glucose testing to assess blood sugar metabolism. Blood sugar can be manipulated, a1c not so much.
  • Date: 1/18/18 5:43 AM
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Co-authored by Alex Haley. I wish TMF had an edit function.
  • Date: 1/18/18 5:40 AM
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Not that you will but you should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, co-authored by Malcolm X.
  • Date: 1/16/18 11:23 PM
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Trumpís Brownshirts are apparently both unfamiliar with ladders and shovels, and unaware that most illegals get here with visas then jump them. Canít fix stupid.
  • Date: 1/9/18 12:10 AM
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  • Date: 1/8/18 9:31 PM
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Perhaps youíre unaware of this, but thatís a lie. People like you do like to quote some passages written in the context of the war between Mecca and Medina that calls for ferocity in that war in defense of Muslims, but they never mention that
  • Date: 1/7/18 11:41 PM
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National security adviser H.R. McMaster says there are early signs of Russian interference in Mexico's upcoming presidential election.

Providing the keynote address for the Jamestown Foundation, McMaster pointed to Mexico as an

  • Date: 1/2/18 10:34 PM
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I just picked up on something veeery interesting in the GPS NYT OpEd.

We donít believe the Steele dossier was the trigger for the F.B.I.ís investigation into Russian meddling. As we told the Senate Judiciary Committee in August, our
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Take me back to where I was.
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