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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/22/14 6:59 PM
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My third grader has a much better understanding of electricity than Salongi.
  • Date: 4/22/14 3:16 AM
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Apparently it was something else they FAd; didn't read the email so I guess I hurt their tender waddle feelings with something else.
  • Date: 4/21/14 11:09 PM
  • Number: 1933399
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bufftrainer says

"You are getting to be funnier than Jedi."

An extremely dumb remark can be amusing, and he makes plenty, but generally trying to follow his "reasoning" is like reading a table of random

  • Date: 4/21/14 7:37 AM
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You are getting to be funnier than Jedi.

An extremely dumb re,ark can be amusing, and he makes plenty, but generally trying to follow his "reasoning" is like reading a table of random numbers: boring and pointless.
  • Date: 4/21/14 3:47 AM
  • Number: 1933252
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While the most foodstamp-dependent Congressional districts tend to be Democratic, [a]ccording to a TIME analysis of county-by-county food stamp enrollment data, GOP politicians represent more districts that majorly participate in SNAP than
  • Date: 4/20/14 8:45 PM
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No one seriously called for carpet-bombing anyone.

Dope doesn't understand the use of rhetorical hyperbole; he just goes straight to lies.
  • Date: 4/17/14 11:33 PM
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I only wish I could find the words to express my complete disgust

Willy, who pukes up all kinds of hate toward Blacks, Muslims, etc., is soooo worried people will resent the selfishness of boys who marry rich girls
  • Date: 4/17/14 11:17 PM
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Your idea of a real leader.
  • Date: 4/17/14 11:05 PM
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The young at getting screwed three ways to sunday

Because they'l never get old huh? Now I remember why I generally read your posts once every three months.
  • Date: 4/16/14 11:03 PM
  • Number: 1932551
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and rightwing traitor in Nevada, in the view of locals:

Local journalists covering Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's case stress he is no victim and is breaking the law, regardless of conservative media's sympathy for his defiance of
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Take me back to where I was.
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