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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/11/14 2:27 PM
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I'm guessing they probably added it back in at some point? DH took 4 years of German in high school and DD#2 followed his lead.

In recent years there has been a big push towards standardized testing and emphasis on school
  • Date: 7/10/14 7:18 PM
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In order to get the safety of the floor, you have to pay a 5% load, and then if you decide to access your money by taking a loan, there is a 2% fee when you take it out.

Never once, in all the explanations of IUL I've heard and
  • Date: 7/10/14 4:02 PM
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I have never found a situation where an IUL is the best answer. There are always cheaper options for a similar risk profile.

Kindly identify them and share them with this board.

I can think of a couple. First, the
  • Date: 7/9/14 5:08 PM
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Somehow I got in my head when I was very young that Mykonos was the place to be. Don't remember how anymore.

It's a very quaint little town with twisty streets. Really not much there, though. If all you want to do is eat in little

  • Date: 7/9/14 3:05 PM
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That's all for background. Now to my question. I was in the credit union yesterday and saw a flyer for their car loans which are at 1.24%, a rate that I can get for up to 65 months and for the full purchase price.

Dayam! I would
  • Date: 7/9/14 2:43 PM
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Yes, Conservatives have been predicting imminent disaster for 5 years. Zimbabwe! Hyperinflation! The sky is falling! Happening soon! Any minute now! Look, inflation! Oh, never mind, not yet, but soon!

I'm not an economist, but the
  • Date: 7/7/14 5:06 AM
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Dave, I believe you once said the initial fees of a IUL can be in the "teens or higher."

No, that isn't accurate, and not something that would have come from me.

It might not be accurate, but I'm pretty
  • Date: 7/7/14 12:44 AM
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1. the vehicle or strategy within the MFA must lose zero in principal, annually, AND,

Dave, I believe you once said the initial fees of a IUL can be in the "teens or higher." So right off the bat you lost principle and the
  • Date: 7/7/14 12:39 AM
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I was using her as an example of someone that is being deprived of spending money, so that others can be paid to do nothing (i.e. dig holes and fill holes) so that they will have wages to spend. For a minimum wage worker, be it $7.25 an hour, or
  • Date: 7/6/14 4:50 PM
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To be one of the most controversial books of the summer, it is now listed as the "most unread" book of all time.

The number of comments/posts made about a book nobody has read has got to have set a record.
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Take me back to where I was.
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