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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/26/16 11:03 AM
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Of the ~4 hours I spent awake there, the cabs between the airport and our friend's apartment were OK.

The pastitsio I had for breakfast at the airport wasn't half-bad, either.

  • Date: 7/24/16 8:10 PM
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Since you never address those opposing arguments, it is logical to assume that you do not really want to discuss the cultural, economic and genetic differences between races but instead are just using your initial mantra as a way to defend the
  • Date: 7/24/16 12:47 PM
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<< Hillary's foundation pays $12,000,000 to throw a birthday party for her husband.


A Libtard too stupid to use Google.

Because if it says it somewhere on the internet, it MUST be
  • Date: 7/20/16 11:44 PM
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Pat, this should make your head explode:

Never Hire a Powerskirt

Perhaps I am more cynical than most, but how did Ailes not see that Megyn Kelly

  • Date: 7/15/16 11:39 PM
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Wow, my job history seems amazingly...stable.

First, the sporadic stuff
-The first job was the burning hospital trash job. Yes, I was the sphincter at the ass-end of a hospital. Did that one summer for 2 months.

-Worked as
  • Date: 7/15/16 11:18 PM
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Who had the crappiest job?

My entry - sewage plant worker

My first job was spent compacting and burning hospital trash. "Regular" trash got compacted, "red bag" got burned. "Red bag" consisted
  • Date: 7/15/16 8:39 PM
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And how can you tell them apart? Answer: You can't and freedom of religion for Muslims means death for the rest of us.

Make no mistake: The right to life is more important than a Muslim's right to worship.

  • Date: 7/14/16 11:18 PM
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The deficit has been growing exponentially for 16 years, not 8.

8 is "near" 16, right?

  • Date: 7/11/16 7:27 PM
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Why do you cherry pick from what she said while ignoring the rest?

Given that individual's well-documented posting history, we don't really need to ask.

That said, thank you for highlighting it. Of course, the Usual
  • Date: 7/11/16 3:15 PM
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The gobment has no such priority so why do you? It's aim is to rob you with inflation w/ a debt based monetary system and waste your hard earned money on social welfare programs to elect puppets; enriching connected military contractors; and
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Take me back to where I was.
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