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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 7/9/14 1:00 AM
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Not sure if this is good or bad, but they are the gold standard for independently setting REIT NAV's.

From Bloomberg:

Green Street Advisors Inc., a 29-year-old U.S. real estate research company, agreed to sell a majority stake to
  • Date: 6/21/14 12:18 AM
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There has been a discussion about buying Blackrock Build America Bond Trust (BBN) [1] which is a closed end fund (CEF) that trades on the NYSE. There are a lot of moving parts in this fund that are pertinent to a buy decision. Most of these points
  • Date: 6/14/14 5:03 PM
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BG asked: “What I still don't grasp is how secret is the offering price during the process?”

BG, this falls under the “investment banking” aka IB umbrella. More investors are familiar with the role of IB in Initial Public Offerings, instead
  • Date: 5/31/14 2:02 AM
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I should have emphasized how speculative a $35 million market cap REIT is. I am NOT sure you can have a viable REIT that small. There is some amount of administrative overhead required to be a public company.

WHLR just bought an old
  • Date: 5/31/14 1:39 AM
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Gracepeace, it appears to be a simple meltup due to being thinly traded. It really stood out amongst all of the REIT preferreds that traded. The median REIT preferred had a trading range that was .58% wide.

WHLRP had a trading range 9.15%
  • Date: 5/25/14 7:29 PM
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TJ wrote: "My take is that the FUR-D can be called any time after shareholder approval of the liquidation. . ."

TJ, you very well might be correct on the timing of both FUR-D and WRT being called.

I do not know anything
  • Date: 5/24/14 9:19 PM
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Winthrop Realty Trust (FUR) has adopted a liquidation plan. It will be put to a shareholder vote soon. They have published a preliminary proxy on their website:

  • Date: 4/3/14 3:05 PM
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Unless you have been living under a rock, you likely have heard about Michael’s new book: “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.” [1] Michael has blanketed the media starting with 60 Minutes last Sunday. He has appeared on the major networks plus CNBC,
  • Date: 2/12/14 12:26 AM
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The Commonwealth fight just got a little more interesting.

From Bloomberg:

Billionaire investor Sam Zell has joined a slate of nominees by investors seeking to
  • Date: 1/1/14 6:24 PM
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The 2013 REIT Board Pick 6 results are in. After several years of outperforming the broad market, REITs underperformed in 2013. Maybe it was REITs time to take a year off and rest up. Here are the median returns without dividends for the pertinent
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Take me back to where I was.
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