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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 12/17/14 7:48 PM
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Milligram and Flyerboys have written eloquently about the troubled path forward for Russia. I have an alternate view. I met with some Russian Executives this week. The meeting was purely coincidental with all of the turmoil that was going on. These
  • Date: 12/11/14 9:48 PM
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Tony said: “Any comments arrows or bricks, especially a comment from Ralph and Jim Luckett.”

Tony, I am not as qualified as Ralph or Jim, but I will speak up because they have not replied yet.

Forecasting interest rates is a
  • Date: 11/1/14 4:37 PM
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'Tax inversions" has been a hot topic this year as several US based companies have changed their headquarters to foreign locations. Congressional hearings, outrage on the editorial pages, disgust on Main Street, it makes for a good
  • Date: 10/23/14 5:55 PM
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JZ, thanks for the kind words. You are correct that seeing a Yoda post on the Berkshire Board is unusual. I think it is a first. I was checking a REIT board post and happened to see that an IBM post was "Post of the Day." It was after they
  • Date: 10/22/14 10:33 PM
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Jim said: So, though it's true that you can't increase net profits forever without a growing top line, it is also true that you can increase them by a very large amount and for a very long time by switching to a more profitable selection of
  • Date: 10/21/14 7:59 PM
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The discussion so far has missed a critical point IMO. It is NOT a financial metric or tied to a specific business. For the IBM bulls, there is one simple question:

Does IBM have inspired and motivated employees to lead it back to growing
  • Date: 10/20/14 7:59 PM
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. . .REIT preferreds. Old time REITsters probably are tired of hearing Yoda’s sermons on the illiquidity of buying/selling REIT preferreds. The most recent sermon was last Tuesday: “Sell Today or Hold Forever.” [1] The sermon discussed a case study
  • Date: 10/14/14 11:56 PM
  • Number: 77441
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REIT commons and REIT preferreds have held up remarkably well in the recent downturn. For example since the close on August 29, here are the median category returns (excluding dividends.)

SP 500 aka SPY -6.48%

REIT preferreds
  • Date: 10/1/14 8:43 PM
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The bankruptcy Judge for Stockton, California, Christopher Klein, issued a major ruling today. Judge Klein is the Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of California. So he is not some, low level elected judge for example.

  • Date: 9/16/14 9:52 PM
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REITsters are well aware that last week was an Alka-Seltzer moment. It prompted lots of questions along the lines of: is this the start of a May 2013 type downturn, that hurt both REIT commons and REIT preferreds?

Here are the facts, based
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