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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/6/15 1:20 AM
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Jan said: “My scientist husband sees only the science in the patents and feels the excitement of his beloved old friend.

I can't stop this train, but with these questions from board members I can remove more and more of valuables from

  • Date: 10/5/15 1:34 AM
  • Number: 219472
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Jan said: “When the IPO happens, well..... the conference call we listened too was filled with giddy comments about yachts, etc.”

Jan, I would say this is a GREAT investment if you enjoy mental anguish and a 100% loss of your capital.
  • Date: 10/1/15 10:16 PM
  • Number: 78907
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Seems that REITS are finding numerous cliffs to fall off of these days. The latest victim is RAIT financial trust (RAS). What caught my attention was that not only the common stock was sharply down, but the preferreds have been hard hit. This is
  • Date: 10/1/15 12:03 AM
  • Number: 78900
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Notehound said: “While recognizing the market pricing problems that can occur with ETFs at times of extreme volatility, would a person be better off to own preferred shares through an ETF to minimize the call risk inherent in individual issues such
  • Date: 9/30/15 5:29 PM
  • Number: 78895
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Mike asks: “As a yearling investor I would like to ask the board their thoughts about the Vanguard REIT Index (VGSIX) as a suitable candidate to invest addition money in at this time.”

Mike, there is NO question that is too elementary for
  • Date: 9/30/15 12:56 AM
  • Number: 78888
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We have discussed Berkshire Income Realty Preferred A (BIRpA) a few times over the years. It has a 9% coupon, so it was attractive as long as it was NOT called. There was some sentiment that BIR would not or could not call it. I do not recall the
  • Date: 9/23/15 10:36 PM
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PucksFool said: "Car Talk" episode and enjoying Tom and Ray's banter."

One of Yoda's prized possessions is the photo of him and Tom in front of the "Good News Garage" in Cambridge. Yes, both Tom and the garage were
  • Date: 9/22/15 11:18 PM
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Bruce Kelly of Investment News did an excellent write-up on Nick. It documents his history, which had lots of deals and flips.

There are three takeaways for me:

1) Nick always made sure to extract the most money for himself and his
  • Date: 9/15/15 9:19 AM
  • Number: 78833
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Highly regarded PEB has warned about "weaker demand." As we have often talked about, hospitality/hotels is usually one of the first sectors to turn down when recessions hit. Hopefully this is an isolated instance and is NOT indicative of
  • Date: 9/6/15 9:41 PM
  • Number: 78804
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Valuemonger is correct. I incorrectly listed the yields as of 9/4/15, NOT as of 12/31/14. I did both calculations and listed the wrong one both in the summary and in the detailed report. Inexcusable, my apologies. However, it does NOT materially
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Take me back to where I was.
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