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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/28/15 3:36 PM
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Years ago the REIT board used to have an annual debate to name the "Bluest of the Blue" blue-chip REITS. Yoda was not around then, but understands that the debate was lively.

Without a doubt, VTR would be classified as a BofB REIT
  • Date: 4/2/15 2:30 AM
  • Number: 78166
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BG asks: "Is their trouble more related to their bad execution or is there a dark secret relating to the subsector of student housing? IOW, are they a poor player or are they playing on a field that most would have a hard time
  • Date: 4/1/15 10:28 AM
  • Number: 78156
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Suspended both its common dividend AND preferred dividend. I think this is the first preferred dividend that has been suspended since the 2008 credit crash. . . . UGLY

CCG common
CCG-pA preferred

  • Date: 3/14/15 2:41 PM
  • Number: 78115
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Whafa said: "Nobody wants to read about that. If they did, we wouldn't have nearly the retirement savings failure that we have right now."

Whafa, we are in 100% agreement on that. Stated differently, that is why about 150 people
  • Date: 3/14/15 12:30 AM
  • Number: 78113
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Ears asks: “So is the "entire system" a minnow or shark?”

Executive summary: The “entire system” is the tiny, tiniest minnow you can see with the naked eye. It almost requires a microscope to see it.

  • Date: 3/13/15 6:38 PM
  • Number: 78110
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Last year, I posted on METAR about Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys.”

The short
  • Date: 3/13/15 1:25 AM
  • Number: 78104
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Tj wrote: "The 6.6 cents should go to those who bought today or who buy it any time before 4/15."

TJ, I found the old thread that somewhatcovered this topic.

  • Date: 3/12/15 10:07 PM
  • Number: 78101
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As I reread the PSA announcement they claim that are going to pay additional accrued dividends from 4/1 through 4/15. This is a different policy from what they used to do. This will amount to about 6.6 cents extra. However, I think they
  • Date: 3/12/15 9:50 PM
  • Number: 78100
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. . . just as we all expected PSA called this for 4/15/15. Please note that I do NOT think PSA pays interest from 4/1 through 4/15. We went through this several years ago on the board. I argued that PSA shortchanged investors, another REITster
  • Date: 3/4/15 2:00 AM
  • Number: 78051
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Duration, thanks for posting about bond defaults. I suspect most of the folks around here (REITsters) have not modeled the capital stack and/or recovery rates for bonds. As you know much better than I do, it is an area of specialty typically used
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Take me back to where I was.
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