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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/27/16 2:54 PM
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david fb:

See News, Editorials and Spin

Denny Schlesinger
  • Date: 6/27/16 2:49 PM
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It's a political season but 'tis not a political post. It's about the sad state of journalism.

When I was a young man news were news and editorials were editorials or so we believed. A reporter would write up some event and the
  • Date: 6/27/16 2:06 PM
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We would like to say that Brexit is not relevant.
How this or that stock be hit so much due to Brexit?

One has to make a distinction between relevance and influence. Of course the vote on Brexit had an influence on the stock
  • Date: 6/27/16 10:47 AM
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The Captain
  • Date: 6/27/16 10:39 AM
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Sometimes it is best to admit you have no idea what is going to happen. It might be helpful to understand the different scenarios that might occur, but at the same time, understand that you have no say on which path is chosen.
  • Date: 6/27/16 10:27 AM
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Snip: "the consequences of a Brexit are so stark and may hold such disastrous implications...

The experts have been so wrong. Why is this the one who gets it right? Because he is backing your thesis?

I don't know
  • Date: 6/26/16 8:15 PM
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UK voted to leave UK. Shock may take time to work thru markets. Mkts may still fall.
All shocks differ, prior recoveries near time in 3-4 months. LT investors may wish not to move yet.
Brexit is an economic shock. Intnl devloped &

  • Date: 6/26/16 7:59 PM
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As regards the petition to have a democratic vote overturned, many of the signatures have already been shown to be fraudulent.

Apparently anyone anywhere with access to the internet can sign the petition. I don't know if this is
  • Date: 6/26/16 12:51 AM
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Expect the EU to be reluctant overall in order not to encourage any copycats...

Net moochers don't want to leave...

The Captain
  • Date: 6/25/16 4:36 PM
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You guys forget that the EU was a German idea, a political union to prevent any further European wars. The economic union was just added baggage, an afterthought that was not done properly. Every nation in the union benefitted in some was but not
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Take me back to where I was.
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