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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/20/18 3:09 PM
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Do you have a link other than Google Hell? GRRRR....

Denny Schlesinger
  • Date: 2/20/18 2:50 PM
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Something happened in early 2016 that kickstarted some stocks on a rocket ride trajectory. I'm talking about ALGN, NVDA, and TREE and possibly others. Saul was able to see it early and he rotated his portfolio quite sharply and even stopped
  • Date: 2/20/18 9:41 AM
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The Russians called people they could manipulate so easily "Useless Idiots". Or maybe that was the Chicoms - dunno,

Lenin! Not "Useless Idiots" but "Useful Idiots." The idea was that they were
  • Date: 2/20/18 9:31 AM
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On February 13, 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) issued subpoenas to Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (the “Company”) and certain of the Company’s officers requesting documents and information relating to a range of topics,
  • Date: 2/20/18 9:13 AM
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IP, it seems that the Bulgarian bacillus are the best probiotics, you might be better off eating Bulgarian yogurt (yogurt made with Bacillus Bulgaricus) than taking expensive probiotic capsules.

Healthy Bulgarians


  • Date: 2/20/18 6:48 AM
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jdc, it was late at night when I wrote my reply and I never had Greek yogurt so my reply is incomplete and inaccurate.

Greek yogurt is thicker than regular

What's The Difference Between Regular and Greek Yogurt?
  • Date: 2/20/18 1:04 AM
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Is milk the only item you need to add to it when you make it?

Milk and a starter which can be the Greek yogurt you are buying. Use one serving of the Greek yogurt to make seven new servings. A long as the Bulgarian bacillus
  • Date: 2/20/18 12:49 AM
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So I am officially confused. Change or no change?


Both, first:

"My attempt to make yogurt using a commercial yogurt seemed to work, the consistency was right, but it did not seem to improve my
  • Date: 2/19/18 6:29 PM
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How long? Hard to say. I ordered it on October 1. It probably arrived a month later. I think I made four batches of six servings so it could be 8 or 10 weeks. It's not a controlled experiment and one does not even know the transit time. My
  • Date: 2/19/18 3:13 PM
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Top 10 most corrupt countries:
1. Somalia, North Korea
2. Afghanistan
3. Sudan
4. South Sudan, Angola
5. Libya, Iraq
6. Venezuela, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti
7. Yemen, Turkmenistan, Syria, Eritrea

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Take me back to where I was.
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