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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/29/16 3:23 PM
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I still have a position.

Their results could be better to say the least, but I don't think it's "the end" quite yet.
They won't be selling rotating hard drives forever, but I think the end will be a fairly long time
  • Date: 4/29/16 11:37 AM
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I thought some people might find this chart interesting.
It shows the price and the then-current buyback threshold. (1.1 times book value at first,
  • Date: 4/29/16 10:56 AM
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That detail was explained here

True enough!
Though it's partly in Latin : )

  • Date: 4/29/16 10:23 AM
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[quarterly] Profit soared nearly 128% to $604 million from $265 million for the comparable quarter in 2015...

AWS is certainly doing tremendously well, but that statement is wrong—"financial journalism" strikes
  • Date: 4/29/16 9:48 AM
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so in a strange way we may owe one to Mr. Katz—

One B share?

  • Date: 4/29/16 8:23 AM
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Say you have three companies A, B and C. ...

Too easy.

Perhaps a more interesting example might be this:
Say you have three companies A, B, and C.
All three have the exact same return on equity, growth rates, and
  • Date: 4/29/16 6:03 AM
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linear(1,ord(1),-1,date2ord(20131231)) >= 0
What to say, other than express incredulous surprise?

I admit to the same surprise.
But, as you say, it's someone else's backtester, and we didn't write the
  • Date: 4/28/16 10:05 AM
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(4) If it ain't 20 years, it ain't a backtest worth reading.
I hear ya but after you did all that manipulation could you trust it?

I do a backtest on the S&P using S&P total return data, not SPY data, so I can
  • Date: 4/28/16 7:19 AM
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I'd be tempted to test something like this

- Backfill every ETF with the historical data of the index it tracks.
Skip any ETF you can't get a whole lot of history for that way.
A 20 year minimum sounds good.
I got free
  • Date: 4/27/16 1:53 PM
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I wonder if they'll have a replay link for a while...

Before the internet, boy, sometimes we had to wonder about things.

"An exclusive VOD replay will be available on Yahoo Finance for 30 days following the meeting.
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Take me back to where I was.
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