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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/1/14 12:55 PM
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If you don't like a political post (and you know which ones they are!): Don't read it. It takes absolutely no effort not to read a post.

This sounds like a comment from a person who has not haunted a board that died from
  • Date: 10/1/14 8:06 AM
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There is a downside to this. There will be less activity on the board, if they are separated

If the reduction entails the loss of political posts here, that's a huge upside.
Take it elsewhere.
There is nothing wrong with
  • Date: 9/30/14 11:02 AM
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Leucadia National around $23.80-23.90. Book/share is $28.09 as at June 30.

Discussed many times.
Looks like it's getting near the pound-the-table cheap at under 85% of book.
But, this presupposes you think the trend rate of growth
  • Date: 9/29/14 1:54 PM
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I posted here back in 1998 that Berkshire would be larger than GE in ten years or so.

Trying to imagine that notion with hindsight....
I don't think it's a big surprise that Berkshire has grown steadily.
I don't think it's a
  • Date: 9/28/14 1:43 PM
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This is because DOW 30 is the best proxy for S&P 500. I am not just saying this but Ben Graham has said this and Buffett has endorsed it.

I believe neither of them said any such thing in the sense you mean.
But even if they
  • Date: 9/28/14 12:19 PM
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I hate to have to disagree with such a revered personality as Mungo but cannot agree that one has to justify an opinion to disagree with anyone

You can disagree with any person you like any time you like.
It generally
  • Date: 9/27/14 3:01 PM
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Since I thought that the chart did not make common sense (2008/9 sales are same as 2013/14),
so I did a company by company comparison for the DOW 30 to see if the chart makes sense.

Well, first,
Why on earth would you think
  • Date: 9/27/14 10:58 AM
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Jim - If not stocks like BRK, then where would you put your money ?

It depends on a lot of things, mainly one's time horizon, size of pile, and tax situation.

Here's what I have and recommend to most people
- Stocks
  • Date: 9/26/14 1:24 PM
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Do they have to take off for there to be a happy ending? What do you think will happen if they return to a positive .5% to 1% for the next 10 years, instead of the -.8% growth since 2007?
Can't sales return to positive ground while margins

  • Date: 9/26/14 11:43 AM
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I am surprised that sales in 2008 (deep recession) are roughly at the same level as 2014.
Does not pass the common sense test. You sure this chart is accurate?

No doubt about it.
Several people have reported on the
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Take me back to where I was.
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