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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/20/16 12:08 PM
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You still short the market against Berkshire?

I'm still short the market, and also still long Berkshire.
But for quite different reasons and time frames, not as a hedge or pair trade.

The idea is to close the short
  • Date: 10/20/16 11:46 AM
  • Number: 226488
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Probably so. Reasonably priced, modest downside probabilities.
Not a screaming deal, but vastly more reasonably priced than most other investments out there.

Have a gander at this to get one view of plausible central expectations.
  • Date: 10/18/16 10:43 AM
  • Number: 264105
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It's better to have 5000 shares really available 4 cents away than 100 shares apparently-but-not-really available 1 cent away.
It seems to me that the only way you'd have 5000 shares available 4 cents away is if, without the

  • Date: 10/17/16 11:05 AM
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I think the general idea is that it makes many/most HFT strategies unworkable for those stocks involved.
So, larger bid/ask gap, but potentially better real world executions in some cases.
Seems a bit far fetched, but that's the only
  • Date: 10/16/16 12:22 PM
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Buying stocks using what for money? If your money is invested, then you can't buy ore stocks, can you?

Sure you can.
An öre is a hundredth of a Swedish krona, so almost anyone can buy
  • Date: 10/15/16 3:29 PM
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One way I've thought about using timing, at least conceptually, is this:
- get out of the market using your favorite signal...

My own view of timing signals...
- This might well improve your odds
- Nothin's
  • Date: 10/13/16 3:34 PM
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2) Total Yield (Dividends + Buybacks) is at 4.7% vs. 4.4% on a 20 year bond

Total yield as described is the sum of
(a) a subset of [unstated] current earnings, as a percentage of market cap, going to you as a current and
  • Date: 10/13/16 11:50 AM
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And lastly if you prefer a construction that screens for high enough volume stocks using the daily dollar average (rather than price, marketcap & daily volume average) here is a version that uses those sorts of checks ...

I am a
  • Date: 10/12/16 12:56 PM
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I came to the conclusion that just staying out Aug.1 through Sept. or Oct.16, would suffice.

Probably just fine at the moment. The market is behaving reasonably well.

The main insight of Sy Harding's system (of which
  • Date: 10/12/16 12:47 PM
  • Number: 264055
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(monetary inflation risk isn't a big deal, as you can buy inflation adjusted life annuities,
so it's only counterparty and non-inflationary dollar devaluation that you should worry about)
For me, monetary inflation risk is

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