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Subject:  Re: 401k to stocks - how? Date:  4/29/1997  3:35 PM
Author:  tstarker Number:  23 of 88508

On Tue, 29 Apr 97 08:02:44 -0600, TimB wrote:
<<I will be able to rollover a 401k from a previous employer very soon (actually, now). I would like to take a portion of it and use the Foolish 4 strategy. How do I do that?

I would prefer to not use a full service broker and pay the commissions since I will be starting with 5-10k into the F4.

How will I show that the stock investment is still an IRA?


Choose your discount broker and contact them. I dealt with Schwab and they handled everything. There are numerous forms you have to fill out to roll the investment over, but your new broker should have all of them. It can get a little tedious depending on what the money is currently invested in. There may be back-end loads on mutual funds or other termination charges, but as far as moving the account, it's pretty easy. The new account will be called a Rollover IRA. This means if you wanted to roll it into another employer's IRA later you could. A regular, or contributory IRA you cannot.

If you look back at much earlier posts on this board, you probably can find a better answer than this one. Also check out the Discount Broker folder for tips on choosing a broker. I like Schwab a lot, but it is a "shallow" discounter, 29.95/trade while some are like $10/trade.

Best of luck, Todd Starker
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