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Subject:  jump start Date:  9/23/1997  10:59 AM
Author:  RetireNow Number:  371 of 78166


So I read the 13 Steps, Fool's Guide to Investing, Dow Dividend Approach, and I'm ready! The problem is that it's not my money... I'm helping a 59 year old unemployed ex-homemaker plan HER retirement, so the fear factor is crippling me.

Here's the scenario: after selling her house, paying off her debts, and purchasing an inexpensive new residence, she will have about $65-70,000. She does not have any income, and her SS benefits will be in the lowest bracket if she collects at 62, and not much higher if she waits until 65. (The only decision I have been able to make so far is to completely disregard the SS money, and be happy when she has some "extra" income coming in)

I am encouraging her to try to work for at least 1-3 years in an attempt to allow her money to grow a bit, but I'm not sure how feasable that will be.

So the question is, given that her "plan" was to spend the money as needed and then go on SSI (whoa!), do I just encourage her to invest (Foolish Four, small-cap growth? or WHAT!) and hope that things continue on the upswing, with the worst case scenario being that she ends up on SSI earlier than she expected? I have considered just doing the S&P 500 Index Fund, but I'm afraid it won't generate enough to give her an income