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Subject:  Re: jump start Date:  9/24/1997  12:31 PM
Author:  rayvt Number:  378 of 88425

I fully agree with JeanDavid and Pixy. Recently, my Mom (three states away) ran across the MFIG and started reading it, and called me to ask if I had every heard of it. We discussed some of here investments---she's 72, and her broker had her investing in options(!). I offered to her to invest some of her money using the same strategies that I use for my kid's trust funds (UV2/UV4+) and our IRA accounts (mostly UG5). Her choice, her decision, her money--all I'll do is place the same buy/sell orders for her account as I already do for my accounts. No real extra work for me, I'm already doing the selections for us, and placing one more set of orders is no big deal

JeanDavid: From my admittedly limited amount of looking at drawdown for retirement living expenses, it seems that you should limit your percentage of drawdown to half of the average growth rate of the investment strategy. More than that, for all the strategies which I looked at (S&P500, MF4, UV2, UV4+) and you run the distinct chance of running out of money. Less than that, and they all continued to grow over the long term.

This means that you should take no more than 5% annually from a S&P500 index fund, and no more than 10% annually from a UV2 account. about. your mileage may vary. lord willing and the creek don't rise. downhill with a stiff tailwind. don't try this at home. profession drivers on a closed course.
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