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Subject:  Re: Question for TMFTaxes Date:  10/10/1997  11:25 AM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  495 of 127613

<<Unfortunately, my wife's first hubby lost his shirt
in the market in the late 70's/early 80's and the market scares the bejeezus out of her (can't say as I blame her) so it kinda limits my options.>>

Well, introduce her to the Motley Fool strategies. I'll just bet that her first husband was doing a lot of trading, perhaps even messing around with options, doubling up on declining shares, and getting hot tips from brokers and other "friends". All of the stuff that the Fool Filosophy frowns upon. Perhpas if she understands the difference between investing for the long term and betting that a certain stock will either go up or down in the short term, she may become a little more comfortable about things.

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