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Subject:  Re: Investing for retirement Date:  12/14/1997  2:38 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  912 of 127637

<<Fools UV4 works fine but at the end of year
when shuffle your fools 4 portfolio you end up paying
capital gains tax. Is there an alternate portfolio
available for a long term where you don't need to
shuffle every year keeping in mind same kind of
returns of UV4. I guess it's OK if we have to shuffle
once every 3 years in which case I guess the capital
gains tax will be drastically reduced when compared
with shuffling every year.>>

First of all, I believe that the Fool 4 has been taken to 18 months rather than one year. That might solve some of your concerns. Additionally, JeanDavid provided you with some insight regarding the Cash King portfolios with a 10 year horizon. There are many options. You might want to check out the Fools School area, and the Beat The Dow area specifically to speak with other Fools that may share your concerns and have additional information for you.

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