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Stocks G / Greyhound Lines, Inc.


Subject:  some voices Date:  12/17/1997  2:50 PM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  8 of 44

Some voices from our AOL board...

Subject: Re: When is this Dog going to move?
Date: Wed, Dec 17, 1997 01:56 EST
From: Jonmberg
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LA Times 12-16-97

Andrew Addison, editor of Addison Report in Franklin Mass., likes BUS. "Greyhound, also a turnaround play has faltered for years with poor management, Addison said. But the company brought in a new chief executive almost three years ago and has been restructuring, he said. insiders were heavy buyers in April and May, he said.

It's gaining customers as railroad company Amtrak cuts back service. BUS also has the biggest market share among companies providing bus service between California and Mexico and Texas and Mexico, he said.

It had a terrible history. There were a lot of people because of its checkered past who removed it from their radar screens and haven't noticed it's an entirely different company."

Subject: Re: When is this Dog going to move?
Date: Mon, Dec 15, 1997 19:32 EST
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I am literally cryin' over the lazy mutt's perfromance as of late......The only reason I am hanging on right now is that my loss is too great for me to stomach (in to a small degree at 3 3/4 and the largeest stake at 4 1/2) and I am hopeful that sometime in the first quarter of 1998 "something" solid will happen to the dog that will somehow make my waite worthwhile?? Tarzan dumb!!!!! This pick truly proved that I am a stock hack!!!

Praying for BUS everynight!!


Subject: Re: When is this Dog going to move?
Date: Sat, Dec 13, 1997 11:43 EST
From: Garyh20ski
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One reason for the lack of movement of stock may be caused by investors
selling the bus for capital losses.Since the stock is in such a tight trading
pattern, the stock can be bought and sold at about the same price. So
investors can exit their position in the stock totally and take the capital losses or
they can sell their shares,take the capital losses for year, and buy greyhound again
in anticipation of capital gains for the next year
If this is a major factor effecting the stock price then we should see the stock
break its current $4 ceiling in Jan.