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Subject:  Re: Paying off the balance Date:  12/30/1997  7:41 AM
Author:  crazyfred Number:  354 of 312189

<< While I do have several investments, I currently started stashing away 50$ a month through
Transamerica cash reserve. Their current rate is 5.50 if you're interested.

I too am interested in building up my cash reserves, but have been unable to find anything that
equals Transamerica's 5.50 rate. Do you have a web address or phone number to reach them??

Thanks in advance.>>

Most of the money management magazines (money, kiplingers, etc) have a page devoted to bank CD and money market funds in every issue. They list the highest rates and the numbers to call.

The New York Times (and probably any paper with a good business section) lists the yield of all the major money market funds open to individual investors every Sun, but do not tell how to get a hold of them.

Personally, I keep my reserves in a short term bond fund. The yield is about 1-2% higher, at the cost of a small amount of fluctiation and the paperwork for capital gains.

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