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Subject:  Re: Is IRA appropriate for early retirement? Date:  1/19/1998  9:28 AM
Author:  TMFPixy Number:  1378 of 88826


<<... Anything more complex than back of the envelope doodlings, and you'd have to pay me. Unfortunately, noone can afford what I'd want to charge....>>

I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- that you would demand reimbursement for spending the next two weeks on such an analysis and then expect to get paid for it, too. Oh, the horror of it all. Where does it all end? This is the online world where information is shared willingly and -- more importantly -- freely. Are you really suggesting that one's labors should be rewarded? Think of what that would do to the economy, man! The inflationary spiral would be horrendous and the impact on the individual would be devestating. To avoid paying your fee, others would attempt to do the analysis themselves. That leads to education and self-improvement. Soon they wouldn't need you at all. You would be thrown out of work, and inevitably the economy would collapse. All that just because you want to be paid for your efforts. Hmmph! Some people are just too short-sighted. :-P

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