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Subject:  Re: 401(k) handling Date:  1/20/1998  9:29 AM
Author:  TMFPixy Number:  1395 of 88541


<<However, I don't accept that "misinformed and ignorant" is any excuse. These people (meaning the small company Plan Administrators, et al) are rational human beings, with a clearly defined set of responsibilities. This stuff is not rocket science. I'm just a poor, dumb pogue from Las Cruces, but I learned this stuff well enough to turn my small company's (23-40 people) Plan around and make it a decently performing plan. And I did it as an additional duty, not as something related to what I was hired for. If I can do this, so can they. If they don't, they're either lazy, incompetent, or crooked. In any of these choices, the company has cause for firing them. Yeah, I hold these people to high standards. They're responsible for managing not just other people's money, but their ability to retire comfortably. There can be no ordinary standard for people in that role.>>

Gee, why not tell us how you really feel? :-)

I agree that small employers have a higher obligation to their employees. Unfortunately, real life tells me few truly understand how their plans really work. As a result, employees have to be persistent in obtaining correct answers. Indeed, it's often far better to by-pass the employer and go directly to the plan administrator/custodian. They aren't the same usually, and the latter at least has a better understanding of what needs to be done. Is the employer at fault for this? You betcha! But it's not something that will change regardless of how much we scream.


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