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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA Contriubtions & Conversions Date:  2/2/1998  7:11 PM
Author:  Kilmarnoch Number:  1598 of 80226

Kilmarnoch WROTE,
<<I think anyone who is *planning* for their retirement is not going to take too much of a tax bracket reduction after retirement. Most people who care what happens to themselves after retirement have a large amount of money saved away outside an IRA.>>

orangeblood ASKED about the above,
<<Why do you say that? By outside an IRA, are you referring to 401k?>>

I said that because I guess most people have not been putting away 2000 a year for 40 years, and would really *need* to have some additional fund to live on after retirement. I was thinking of both 401k and other work related retirement plans (pick a number). As well as just taxable savings, basically an emergency fund available throughout their life (available before 59 1/2 :), something that wasn't tied up in red tape.

The phrase "people who care about what happens to themeselves" was uncalled for... too harsh. I was being too idealistic... I'm sure many people care what happens to themselves but haven't actually suceeded in saving for retirement, (as tc0001 points out below). The phrase "large amount of money" is way too vague.

me again:
<<Have you thought about what is going to happen to the tax rates when SS becomes a problem? Are you expecting tax rates to go *down* long term??? >>

and Pixy REPLIED,