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Subject:  Re: From Pension to Roth IRA Date:  2/17/1998  12:36 AM
Author:  rayvt Number:  1819 of 88763

<<Ray, as someone who truly enjoys reading your financial posts, but not your political ones, let me
say I wish you would confine the political stuff to the boards from which they came (which ain't this
Noted. But some things just overlap too, too much, and the words just wiggle out of my fingertips.

<< It just makes no sense to see these little eruptions from you, with no basis for reference. If you are
replying to someone on this board, by all means let them have it. But to bring up stuff from outside

Hey, what's the use of name-dropping, inside jokes, and inside references if not to show off? (e.g., If you were really cool, you'd know what I'm talking about. If you don't, that just proves how uncool you are.) That's why the book "Primary Colors" sold so well inside the beltway, but most of the rest of the country just scratched their heads and said "HUH?"

<< On the financial side, I am waiting anxiously for the historical study to finish. You said elsewhere it
will be Any Day Now.... perhaps this week?>>

Alas, Real Soon Now just ran into a ditch, as I just discovered that I didn't know my ass ^h^h^h^h^h that I should have used geometric mean instead of arithmetic mean. Probably won't change the overall results, but sure changes the numbers. And also would give those in the know (c.f. my previous paragraph) the opportunity to snicker at my naive, clueless mistake. Now I've also got to look up harmonic mean, too, and try to figure out which of these bloody things is the right one to use. Oh yeah, and change all of my code. Thank God that I didn't light the fuse yet!

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