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Subject:  Re: LA Times article Date:  3/19/1998  9:59 AM
Author:  Bottles Number:  921 of 312189

TMF Runkle

Well Can only imagine how bad ppl can get into it. I know how bad off I am - fortunately I woke up and had some creative ways of solving some of our problems.

I dont have an AOL account so I guess I only get to hear what is posted on this board. Although have read some of the post. As some seem bad, none seem down right Impossible to overcome w/o doing something drastic - like Bankruptcy. That is not an Option for us, althought we have come close.

I can see your point that credit counselers definitly see perhaps the worst of the worst perhaps. There was one other statistic I have heard that sometimes ppl quote is the total amount that credit card companies have outstanding. Usually like in the billions. That perhaps would be a better indicator that ppl are becoming more foolish. That is by seeing that number come down, which I dont knoe exactly where it is today let alone the statistical history of it.

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