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Subject:  some voices Date:  3/24/1998  6:17 PM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  11 of 138

From our AOL folder...

Subject: Re: albumin recall
Date: Tue, Feb 17, 1998 15:03 EST
From: JGCFP1988
Message-id: <>

In the near future there will be the first cases described of the transmission of CJD by human albumin. The cases occurred in China and the source was infected albumin from Europe.

Biotime ( BTIM ) is set to file a NDA for a new 100% safe, effective and synthetic volume expander. Very interesting story. ABT is the big Pharma partner is the US.


Subject: albumin recall
Date: Sat, Jan 24, 1998 10:16 EST
From: Davdenny
Message-id: <>

I was reading another board this morning (BTIM, a very good board BTW) that referenced a recall of albumin due to a possible connection with BSE/CJD cases.

Does anyone on this board know anything about this? (I couldn't think of a better place to inquire.)
tks in advance

Subject: Re: News
Date: Fri, Nov 28, 1997 16:18 EST
From: Jonatha546
Message-id: <>

I heard that Vimrex/Baxter's Isolex cell-separating device for bone marrow purging was rejected by FDA. I WONDER WHY WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANY OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM EITHER PARTY.

Subject: ...relationship w/CERS.
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 1997 20:26 EST
From: Knet
Message-id: <>

...the relationship w/CERS good be a blockbuster for both cross referch'g w/both will see that w/in a qutr. or could be expl've....IMO....


Date: Sat, Nov 22, 1997 14:47 EST
From: Esteban 65
Message-id: <>

For what it is worth I agree that Baxt outlook is strong, but emphasize that it likely will have NOTHING to do with the blood substitutes mkt. Since we are seeing such products go belly up across all companies that sponsor them, think its a pretty fair bet that, as historically has been the case, Blood subs will remain an unfullfilled dream. Also, demand for blood & related products in the U.S. is actually declining slightly, and a whole slew of
products and processes about to hit the mkt likely will create added surplus (screening, cryopreservation,etc.). Again, Baxt is a good horse for the long term, but not for the reasons I see on this board.
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