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Subject:  Re: Venting Time ( I apologize in advance) Date:  3/30/1998  9:56 PM
Author:  AJE Number:  982 of 312185

You are correct that your State U could have handled the situation better but I think you need to handle your response better.

Their system is flawed and you should notify everyone you can to get it fixed. Additionally, they should give you a written explanation that your payment was a day or two late and the "30 day late" notice was for $1.50 (with all your connections at the U, this should be a snap). You should then have the letter placed with the credit bureaus. This little insignificant issue could come back to haunt you later in life.

You stated:
>>But, you can bet my letter will ask to be
removed from any solicitation list, any alumni mailings and any other dealings with the University.
I've GIVEN way more than the original $2000 back to the University over the last few years and I
HAD planned on giving more. I'll pay their measly $490, and they are history. <<

Are you kidding? Let me get this straight, you have a loan from an institution to which you also give charitable contributions. YOU made a mistake by not paying the monthly payment in time and YOU don't want to take personal responsibility for YOUR action. Instead you want this charitable institution to pay for YOUR actions. (All this is true even before factoring in the possibility that the lending portion of this institution may not even know you make regular contributions to the institution.)

Heck, why stop there? Why not tell all those people you are connected with that they should just forgive your loans because you contribute so much to their fine institution?

Stop making others pay for the results of your actions and help this institution correct potential problems with their lending area. How about offering your time to help them with this task?
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