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Subject:  Re: Honest IRA/Roth Comparisons Date:  4/1/1998  10:00 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  2574 of 88775

<<Sorry, Ray.>>
Apology accepted.

<<Maybe a lot of people don't live within their means, but a lot do.
One can always find the amount for necessary savings if you follow the "pay yourself first" axiom. Just as you say that the "extra" $560 is not likely to be saved, one can get along without the amount that has been saved and put away and "hidden".>>

A lot do. But many, many don't. And we (the people who visit the MF) are a self-selected group of people who do. But we are _not_ typical. According to published statistics, the median family has 10-12 credit cards, and an average balance of about $5,500. At 18%-22% APR, they are just barely keeping their heads above water. The government is taking between 1/3 and 1/2 of the total family income. They are so busy feeding these beasts that they don't have any left to save.

Tricks like "pay yourself first" and "save your next raise" are good strategies to "trick" yourself into saving.
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