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Subject:  Re: Unrequested card in mail Date:  4/7/1998  6:45 AM
Author:  Crazyfred Number:  1043 of 312159

<<Today I received a platinum First USA card in the mail. I never filled out an application for this
card. They just decided to send me one. I have never dealt with this company before.

The card was attached to an offer sheet. Under the card, the sheet had a statement that said
security precautions were taken and only I could activate the card.

It scares me that a credit card company would send an unrequested card in the mail. What security
feature can they possibly have to keep someone else from activating the card and destroying my
credit history. Probably just my social security number.

I read on ZDNet not too long ago that it is not difficult to obtain someone else's social security

My question to other Fools is what should I do. Should I ignore this outrage or should I report them
to the BBB and other agencies that one of you suggest.>>

I'd also report it to the attorney general. It is illegal to send credit cards out without first receiving an application.

In the dawn of the credit age, credit companies sent out credit cards much like they do the pre-approved applications today. People threw them out like any other junk mail. When crooks got ahold of the credit cards and used them, the people they were sent to were liable -- rather unfair, I think. The law was changed to make it illegal to send the card out without an application, but if you receive a card, you are still liable for any charges on it

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