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Subject:  Re: Unrequested card in mail Date:  4/7/1998  8:59 AM
Author:  EugB Number:  1044 of 312185

>> Today I received a platinum First USA card in the mail. I never filled out an application for this card. They just decided to send me one. I have never dealt with this company before. <<

Same thing happened to me. I had gotten a First USA Gold Visa and not too long after that I recieved the Platinum. Knowning that Amex's platinum card is something like $400/year (they've offered, I've declined), I cut it up. Then I got a second and then a third. Finally I called them up and I was told that they want all their customers to have the platinum. No annual charge, lower APR. What the heck, I took it.

I was surprised that they sent me an unrequested card in the mail, but then didn't worry about it too much as they send the requested ones that way. They're not good unless activiated, right? Now, though I see the danger could've been that it was activiated and I would have never known it was even out in the world somewhere. At least if you request one and it never shows up you would start investigating, right?

Anyway, I haven't had any of the problems w/ First USA that others have reported here, but I've just paid off my card, so we'll see how it goes. I have looked back in my records and it does appear to take them an extra day or two to process my payments, but they've never been late.


PS - For a Fool that has just now gotten his butt out of credit card jail, I greatly appreciate this board and all the advice and encouragment that goes along with it. Keep up the great work!
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