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Subject:  Re: Retirement RollOver Date:  4/7/1998  9:05 AM
Author:  QuillandPenn Number:  3306 of 127613


I am sorry to hear about your lose.

The first thing is to get in contact with her lawyer and re-draw a will. Most important.

How's is her health, meaning the heart,lungs,bones,knees. Does she walk more than 2 miles aday. That's 8 laps around the track. My mother inlaw is in her 70's and walks 5 miles, 5:30am. I don't know about the senior citizens this early in the morning. I see them fighting to butter the rolls at the 7 & ll stores that early in the morning.

Be very careful with the sharks that have no interest with your interest at heart in this difficult time. I have met many sharks in my time to write a book.

I helped my mother in-law with her traditional IRA. I feel that the Roth is a sales hype pitch. Congress hasn't crossed the i's and dotted the t's. Or is the the other way around. You know how congress works.

Within the IRA, she and I have developed a Dividend Stream (buying stocks), meaning she gets a dividend check every other week. She had to start withdrawing funds from the IRA because of her age. When Andrew comes, my wife will know what to do.

The next thing is to find your nearest Social Security Office and or call them for forms to fill out. She is entitled to the benefits.

There is a site on the web for Women only and they have a live chat room. Check that out. Maybe they can help.

Several weeks ago, when the Womens Investment message boards were open, I was asked about finances. I had said that I am training my wife on how to become a WIDOW. When Andrew comes and taps you the shoulder and says come with me please. The women are not prepared for this. I shocked a lot of women. Surprised a few. Berated by others.

Now, Gentlemen, the ones that are reading these messages as observers, are you training your wives. Ladies, get on your husbands butts and demand to know where all the important papers are, etc., etc. Men tend not to want talk about it and or hide everything.

I have seen to many people fighting over the wills.

I am training my daughter to cover for the both us. She'll know exactly what to do. I keep her informed about everything. What's the difference, she is in the will. She has to know.

Hope this helps for the moment.

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