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Subject:  Re: Car to Charity Date:  4/10/1998  10:17 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  3403 of 127638

[[In Nov 97 I gave my car to the Kidney Foundation. I had planned to deduct $700.00 for the l980
Honda. Now I hear that because I didn't know to get some signatures from and auto dealer and
The Foundation I may not be able to deduct no more than $500.00. (The $700.00 price was
gotten from N.A.D.A Official Used Car Guide at the library.) Is there any way I can take this
deduction without using another form?]]

Somebody is giving you some bad information. For contributios of personal property greater than $500 but less than $5000, all you need is written acknowledgement of the contribution from the Kidney Foundation (along with their address, date of contribution, location of donation, etc.)

I'm just sure that the Kidney Foundation will provide you with the appropriate information (if they haven't already) if you simply call and ask them.

The form that you want to use to claim this deduction would be Form 8283. If you decide NOT to use Form 8283, then you ARE limited to $500 as an itemized deduction. But Form 8283 is really pretty easy to deal with.

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